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Rahu is considered a highly malefic planet by nature and it doesn’t rule any sign. It has friendly ties with planets like Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. The moon and sun are the enemy planets in which it is more adverse to Sun. It is the grave way in which it influences the dasha and retrogression or transit of other sign.


Rahu dosha positive

If people with wrong Rahu want to reduce the negative effects of the Rahu dosha they can follow certain steps to suffer less.

Durga Saptasati– To pacify the shadow of planet Rahu one should read the first chapter of Durga Saptasati. The chant is very useful for the problems in marital life. In case you are suffering from 18 years of the Mahadasha one can pray to goddess Mahakali and Lord Hanuman. This prayer can help in enhancing the sixth sense or intuition. However, if this shows up in your horoscope, it can be a sign of disaster, adultery, injuries, conspiracy, lack of peace and even death.

Rahu Beej Mantra– Chanting this mantra 108 times daily for a specific period of time can positively affect your Rahu. It is usually 18000 times in 40 days which can give you great relief. Chanting mantra will not only improve your Rahu but also clear the obstacles in the life path and grant wisdom. You should offer mogra flowers while praying to this God. It is also advisable to chant during lunar or solar eclipses for improved benefits.


rahu dosha remedies

Praying to Kaal Bhairav– You can pray to this form of Lord Shiva to reduce any negative effects in life. Kaal Bhairav solves almost all the painful problems of one’s life. Praying for this dosha one can get immediate relief from any type of harmful and negative forces of the planet. If you pray to get the relief from the negative of Rahu, one can please it by performing and offering Puja.

8-faced Rudraksha– It is also recommended to wear this rudraksha for any problem in Rahu as it has 8 manifestations. The bearer can find instant relief after wearing this jewelry. It is not only a symbol of Lord Shiva but also Lord Ganesha who protects the wearer and grant peace and stability of mind.


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Fasting on Saturdays– It is suggested to keep fast on Saturdays for Rahu dosha as the friend of Shani (Saturn- prayed on Saturday) and enemy of Sun (Surya). He helps Shani as when placed in the same house as Shani. One should fast on Saturdays and eat only after sunset and meals shouldn’t have any onion and garlic.

Donating Black and blue offering– Rahu is lord of blue sky and can reduce the negative influence of Rahu by donating the black food like daal or black clothes to poor, needy, disabled or orphan people. Any kind of financial losses which occur due to Mahadasha can be recovered by donating coconuts, clothes or useful items to the poor people on Wednesdays.

You can also consult an experienced astrologer who can study your horoscope chart and guide you in a better way. is the site for you if you wish to resolve your problem of Rahu completely.


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