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The Syrian Crisis:

“This world’s anguish is no different 
from the love we insist on holding back.” –Aberjhani.

The Syrian Crisis: That has taken the world by a storm is Syrian crisis. this crisis has tested the humanity all over the world. In the March 2018 the Crisis will enter its 8 year. Democracy is not seen here and the eruptions, of pro- Democracy protests, and torture of teenagers and revolutionary slogans written at the school walls are said to be the initial upsurges of violence. These small and few violent demonstrations here and there regardless of any kindness. This lead to a massive war that has now became the world’s most dreaded civilian crisis and the humanity is on a test.

Syrian crisis

Syrian crisis

How where and when it all began?

In the year 1946, Syria became an independent republic from the French Invasion. The turning point in the Syrian history was when Hafez- al – Assad, declared himself as the President. He held this position till his death in the year 2000.

After the Death of Hafez-Al – Assad, his son Bashar – al – Assad, became the next president of Syria. He along with his London educated, progressive thinking wife (Asma), they both showed and inspired hope for democratic reform. Because of the fact that the President Bashar failed to deliver on his reform promise. As it lead to upsurge in Violence, and dissolution of Parliament.

Syrian crisis

Humanity being tested – Syrian crisis

Final countdown to the Crisis:

After the arrest of leading activists who had called for the free and fair democratic elections, this lead to the jihadists to intention of destroying the secular rule.

In the Southern city of Dera, incidents such as torture and killing of teenagers, open fire by the army on demonstrators, that killed several civilians as well, several others took to street. The unrest at the streets created the unrest in Parliament also. Nation- wide protests were witnessed, that demanded the resignation Of President Assad.

To avoid any kind of conflict the President used all and every force in his power to crush the dissent. As a result of which, the made it difficult to resolve the concerns, they became very strong.

By July 2011, many took to streets al across the nation. And here opposition did what it is best known for them. They initially took u8p arms to defend themselves and later to dispel the army.

Descent into Civil War:

All over the country the violence shot up, this lead to descending into civil war situation. Formation of rebel brigades and rebel armies, they battled the forces of government to garner control over, cities, states and country sides.  In the year 2012 the fight reached to the capital Damascus and the second largest city, -Aleppo.

Even the death toll escalated from, 90,000 people in 2013 to a whopping 250,000 in a mear of two year years it reached to a 250,000.

syrian crisis

syrian crisis

Recent Scenario:

The recent situation is that the country is totally under Seize. This is considered the worst sort of genocide ever witnessed. Even the Security Council has failed to get any type peace there, the Jihadists are not even leaving infants. There are continuous bombing. There is only destruction that is seen in this town .

At the end let’s join hands and fight the forces who are doing such cowardly task. We can say “It [freedom] rings bells to remind humanity that the most precious gifts in life––like children and love and time––must never be taken for granted.”

Astrological Speaking :

Bashar- Al-. Assad, the Current President of Syria, born on the 11th of September 1965, makes him by his birth a Virgo. His planets shows that he for sure is a problem solver, hardworking and methodical man. He is practical, intelligent, modest but in  the view of some people he is an unreliable person.  At the same time, he could be considered as an over critical, fussy, harsh & conservative man . He portrays himself as the ultimate authority.

Numerology speaking:

Bashar Al – Assad seems more interesting in making extra money through different methods. People may oppose him for many things but being an authoritative person, he will impose many things that could go against his stature and position he holds.

He is lucky as it is seen that he has got a lot from his inheritance., because of this many people, from every community  favours him. As already mentioned he is money minded so much so that he can does any thing get his self –interest justified.

His money minded attributes, can make him go beyond patriotism. And due to which he make such wrong decisions, those can affect the policies and country in a big way

He is egotistical and as a matter of fact to satisfy his hunger for power he can go to any depths.

According to popular views:

It can be said that for those whom he favours, but for the nation as he has made some decisions that affects the normal people he is not a good man. But what ever the views might be the country is facing its worst Humanitarian crisis, which will take years to get back to normal.

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