Importance Of Chanting Vedic Mantras

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Vedic Mantras are the sacred wordings or prayers believed to have a number of good effects in ones’ life if chanted regularly. There are believed to have panchamahayagnas or five great sacrifices, the first is Brahma yagnam or Sandhya vandanam, the performance of which removes all stress and improves self­esteem. Once you gain self­confidence and are stress­free, you will never think of suicide ­ the bane of even highly educated and literate people in Kerala, for instance. So it helps to regain your divine power, your potential, that is right there inside you. The second yagna is pitru yagna addressed to parents and gurus. It says that it’s more important to take care of parents while they are alive rather than offering prayers to them when they are gone. This is an important factor of Vedic culture, to revere elders and take care of them in their old age the way they took care of their children when they were small. The third yagna is agnihotra: Agni or fire of knowledge is most powerful. It spreads enlightenment, and this is symbolic of spreading divinity everywhere, even the Olympics start with a flame. The fourth yagna is naimitika karmas and this includes 16 sho Dasha kriyas, performed on special occasions. The fifth and last of the panchamahayagnas is nara medham yagnam, in reverential remembrance of all that we benefited from our ancestors who granted us with the history of humankind they carried in their genes and that which we will also carry forward.

Depending on how we mould our lives, we will enhance or degrade our genetic pool because everything that we do eventually becomes a habit and in due course gets manifested in our genes also. That is why we pay so much importance to right living, the right culture and right habits.

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