Importance of ‘Querencia’

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We all face a lot of upheavals in our lives that cause us to constantly move from one physical space to another, from one state of mind to another. Very often, this causes a lot of stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil. The constant movement takes its toll on us and we start deteriorating mentally as well as physically. It is when we wish for some sort of stability in our lives.

The Spanish word ‘Querencia’ means a place or a condition where one can feel safe, a place where we know exactly who we are and are able to voice our beliefs from this place. Interestingly, this word is derived from ‘corrida’—the ring of the bullfight. ‘Querencia’ is a place where people cannot hurt us, where we are safe from physical and mental harm. ‘Querencia’ might be a physical space like a writing desk, where a person is isolated and calm, or a mental state, such as which occur when we are singing, playing music and so on and so forth.

It is important for us to have ‘Querencia’ as amid our hectic lifestyle and constant movement, it is a place where we can be ourselves without any kind of fear, and it gives us respite from our everyday tensions.

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