Importance Of Teacher's Day


Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India on every 5th of September. The day is celebrated as the birthday of Dr. Radhakrishnan.

The question arises why do we need a teacher in our life? A teacher, guide or a mentor not only teaches us lessons of life but also plays the role of a role model whenever we need enlightenment in our life.

A teacher guides you and takes you to the right path, a path that has aura or light and elimination of darkness. At teacher guides us to achieve success but still carries the most humble heart. He holds your finger and makes you capable enough to achieve the best of your life.   

He finds his happiness in the success of his disciple. The utter happiness that a guru attains after their student surpasses the knowledge they carry is a thing of joy for them. They find their satisfaction in the smallest things.


How to Celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Unlike other days, Teacher’s Day is very special. You can visit your teachers and thank them for showering their blessings on you. Make them realize that whatever big or small you have achieved throughout your life is all because of them.

Even the biggest celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar thanked his teacher for giving him and teaching him the skills of cricket.

If you are too busy with your office schedule then take a moment from your busy time and give a phone call.

The smile and gift you can give to your teacher on this day is incomparable.

Team AskGanesha wishes you all a very happy Teacher’s Day. We thank our Gurus for giving us the knowledge of Astrology and predictions for human betterment.

May God Bless You All!


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