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We live in a country which holds high moral grounds but with some exceptions. Exceptions like superstitions, caste and creed still dominate, gender biasing. That’s the story of real India!

No matter which part of the world you live in, you will get people encouraging certain thinking and superstitions. India is no omission in this case. Though the Indian society is moving ahead, there are many people who are still illogical and have a strong faith in the local viewpoint called superstition. Most of the beliefs have originated from Indian religious texts and scriptures which have no scientific reason or explanation behind them.

Superstition is a faith that can be neglected by reasonable sense or logical knowledge based on proof. With the means of time, the way of thinking behind the origin of these religious beliefs got battered. That is why most of these faiths appear unconfirmed and fake. However, in reality, there are many such beliefs in the Indians culture which are absolutely illogical and have no logic behind them. Yet, they are prevalent and they are followed stringently, even by the so-called liberated, ‘modern’, scientific minds. Lemon and chillies charm, Nazar utarna, Widows are unlucky, Cutting Nails and Washing Hair, Eclipses, shradhs/pitrapaksh, New Moon/Amavasya day are some of the superstition that are believed blindly and considered to be inauspicious.

Recently our Indian Scientists made India proud by successfully completing the MOM (mission Orbit Mars) in first attempt in the day of shradh/pitrapaksha on the New Moon. It is a  slap on the false Indian or other superstition which are broaden in our society and stopping us to reconsider the scientific fact that nothing is inauspicious, In fact we can do well in these superstitious barriers.

Weird but scientists of a country where manglik girl is considered to be inauspicious, good works are not performed on the night of Amavasya got victory over universe on the day of Amavasya and during inauspicious days of Shradhs. Incredible India

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