Invoking Energies: The vibration of divine power

Invoking Energies means Kundalini means ‘She who is coiled; the serpent power or the prana, the primordial cosmic energy in each individual which eventually, through the practice of yoga and meditation, rises up the Sushumna Nadi or the consciousness. In this process, the kundalini awakens each successive chakra. Enlightenment comes as it slices through the door of Brahman, the Divine at the core of the Sahasrara and enters.

Transforming Energy 

The Hindu scriptures show that the idols are powerful symbolic forms of Invoking Energies that represent an array of emotions and cosmic forces. Meditating on a deity, a spiritual carving or a sculpture of divine nature helps in transforming consciousness. Even the simple presence of such form can bring a transformative force within the mind and heart. Protection, growing awareness and inner growth of the divine bring forth the Shakti energy in all of us.

Manifestation of Goddesses 

Goddess energy can be manifested as Durga, Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati. They are the cosmic energies of strength, beauty, and wisdom. Durga is the unfathomable one and is the cosmic warrior goddess which battles with ignorance and dispels darkness. Goddess Durga riding a lion, her face shining with peace and compassion and carrying weapons in her arms is the power behind sensational breakthroughs.

The goddesses and their energies

Maa Durga is a dark manifestation; Goddess Kali represents a dissolving power of time and the timelessness of deep meditation. Kali is beyond any norm and convention. Dark as the night, dancing on Shiva, tongue thrust out with a garland of skulls. She represents the calm of meditation where no thoughts exist except for the awareness of infinite space.

Sri Lakshmi or the Goddess of good fortune is the essence of harmony and abundance. She is the deity of wealth and good fortune, standing on a lotus flower. She is the Shakti of prosperity and blissful benevolence.

Saraswati represents pure flowing energy, dressed in white, creative inspiration, holding the sacred texts, mala beads, and the Veena. She is iconic of mantra fulfillment. She adorns a swan whose beak can separate the milk of wisdom from the water of material existence. The goddess’s great gift is a mental insight that gives us judgment can lead us to find divinity in the world

Deity puja is a powerful way to free ourselves from the egos so we can identify with our Shakti in its purest form. When we invoke the deities as a source, we can open ourselves to the subtle divine energy always present within us, ready to show us the way.

How Puja can invoke energy?

There are no boundaries as to the energy that may serve as the focal point of Invoking Energies. You need only choose a spiritual guide to connect with and an object to represent them. Preparing for the puja ritual, you will need an altar and offerings. Meditation, chanting, the reading of sacred texts, offerings of food and water, and cleansing are part of the ritual. Just as you adorn your body your spiritual body also accepts the fragrances of incense, flowers. An altar created with the deity and its sacred geometry, the yantra and mala beads that are used in the chanting of mantras provides a focus for the energy of the divine and a seat of our consciousness. Center yourself and release any stress you may feel, breathe in through your right nostril and out through the left. Repeat with the left nostril. Release all negativity and open your heart to the energies of the divine. Ringing of a bell and Invoking Energies, chanting the mantras and the cleansing and dressing of the deity, we are creating a connection with the cosmic divinity.


The energy of our thoughts is powerful enough to cause all kinds of destruction. At the same, the energy of our thoughts is powerful enough to create peace, harmony, and prosperity. Only a true devotee can help in Invoking Energies with his/her thoughts. The deities and your surroundings play a vital part in providing you the faith of peace and hope. The devotee can find peace which is beyond words, beyond thinking and judgment.

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