Is kundali matching necessary for love?

We live in a time when dating apps such as Tinder, Facebook, JustDating and WeTouch have taken over the love interest today. However, there is some aspect of traditional methods such as Kundali matching, Gun Milan and Horoscope Matching still prevalent in Indian culture. There are still millennial generations in Indian society which takes this stuff quite seriously.

In India, love is not enough for the people to get married as there are many other astrological concepts which are to be kept in the mind. In a Hindu marriage, there are many aspects included such as family, relatives, and acquaintances. It is believed that the horoscopes of the couple should be matched perfectly for a happily married life ahead. In case the horoscope matching is not suitable then there are chances of marriage to face a difficult time.

what is kundali milan?

What is Kundali Milan?

Kundali Milan is one of the concepts in astrology for horoscope matching. It checks the compatibility of the bride and groom for the marriage prospects.  The other concepts such as gana, bhakut, nadi, tara, yoni, varna and vyas are also matched. The high number of qualities or gunas gains point and each quality shows maximum obtainable points.  This is the reason that 36 gunas are matched for forecasting the perfection of marriage, but it’s rare for the 36 gunas to match. So the only maximum number of gunas is counted which is called Gun Milan.

Is Kundali matching that important?

In Indian tradition, Kundali Matching or horoscope compatibility is followed while finding a suitable match for marriage. It is an astrological study in which many families still believe and for others such as in love, marriage is not that important. Astrological methods are based on probability and may or may not predict the future in its complete forms. But some well-experienced astrologers can tell the probability of the events which will occur at a certain time.


kundali matchings

Importance of Kundali matching

The Vedic Astrology defines the Kundali matching process as the biggest reason for the couples planning to get married. It is important as it ensures if the two individual together will have a prosperous, happy and long married life. This is also an important aspect due to the reason that it can judge if a person is sincere for the marriage, the bond or compatibility between the couples and many more factors which can test the success or failure of any relationship.


importance of kundali milan

Kundali matching and love

Love is the most powerful emotion and one should have faith in the goodness of life.

If you are into love marriage and commit to making it work, nothing can stop you. Kundali matching is not a full stop for your relationship but rather a stepping stone towards taking care of the shortcomings of each other. You should be committed to making the marriage work. If you are willing to devote your life towards the growth of marriage, you can have a happy blessed life.

Kundali matching in love relationships can be done if you have it in mind and want to leave no stone unturned for building a perfect future. The kundali’s can be matched to keep no doubt in mind for later. This match can be held responsible if you anything goes wrong, you can blame it later on the mismatch.  So, in case of love marriage, it is advisable to trust the relationship and take a leap of faith.

You can consult a well-versed astrologer from Askganesha for any suggestions on Horoscope matching. They can give you a clear idea about your compatibility and even advice you certain Vedic remedies to draw out the negatives from your relationship and move towards a happy married life.


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