Is Peace Attainable???

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Peace (freedom from disturbance). It is a very serious question. Sometimes it seems a utopian idea but sometimes it’s like it will never happen. Everyone in this world dreams of Peace. Protestors filled the streets around the world as the war in Iraq began. They shouted for peace, lifted the banner for peace and marched for peace, but the peace they desired do not attain. There will always be nations who have ulterior motives who will never let this happen. Because of the nations hidden motives people has to suffer and they’ll not able to attain peace. In this world nothing is in hands of common people, Every common person dreams of peace, but because of the politics around the world, because of the powerful people and because of the race to the top of the world, these common people has to suffer and they are not able to attain peace. For Example when World War 2 happened, People has no choice there but to go to the war.

People pray to god for peace, most religions taught us to make peace all around, but many wars are fought in the name of those religions only. As long as war and greed are alive in the hearts of the men and women we cannot attain peace, only the change of hearts will make peace attainable.

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