Janmashtami Celebration


Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy among Hindu devotees and followers. It is celebrated on the eighth day of Krishna fortnight hence called as Janmashtami. Like any other Hindu festival, Krishna Janmashtami celebration with sweets, Makhkhan (butter), chappan bhog and other mishthanam.

Temples are the center of attraction on the day of Janmashtami. They are decorated with lights and painted with devotion and sacredness for Lord Krishna.

Before we know about the right way of performing Krishna Puja, let’s know more about Krishna Janmashtami.

Birth of Lord Krishna marks the end of death chakra or death cycle. Birth of Lord Krishna marks the beginning of happiness, bliss, and love.

janmashtami celebration

Janmashtami Celebration Home

Know about right vidhi to celebrate Janmashtami at home:

  1. The Puja time begins from 11.50 pm and ends around 12.50 am. This is also called Nishita Puja time. Ones having fast can open their fasts after praying to Lord Krishna.
  2. Chanting Hare Krishna Hare Ram helps you to establish a connection with Lord Krishna. Get amalgamated with the thought of Lord Krishna. This is the right form of his Bhakti.
  3. Decorate your own temple. It’s the festival of happiness and bliss. Radhe Krishna idols should be decorated with new clothes. Perform their Abhishek by bathing them with yogurt, honey, milk while singing Lord Krishna bhajans.
  4. Prepare Baal Bhog and other sweets for Lord Krishna. A small offering of sweets with love can bring enormous love and happiness from Lord Krishna.
  5. Perform Aarti at the time of birth of Lord Krishna. Play kirtans while chanting bhajans. This marks the birth of Lord Krishna

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Any puja performed with love and happiness can let god shower his blessings on you. Team AskGanesha wishes you a very Happy Janmashtami.

                                            ॥ कृष्णायवासुदेवायहरयेपरमात्मने। प्रणतक्लेशनाशायगोविन्दायनमोनम:॥

Jai Shree Krishna!


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