Kumbh Sankranti


Why is Kumbh Sankranti is celebrated?

Kumbh Sankranti is the starting of the 11th month of Hindu Calendar. All the 12 sankranti are considered to be auspicious but Kumbh Sankranti is considered to be special. Because this Sankranti is the commencement of Kumbh Mela, Which is considered to be the most auspicious religious gathering among hindus.

The Kumbh mela was started at the time of King Harshvardhan approximately around 629 CE. In Hindu mythology we can find about the Kumbh Mela in the Bhagvat Puran. Kumbh Mela is celebrated in every 12 years in each of the places which are Haridwar, Allahabahd, Ujjain and Nashik on the following rivers Ganga,  Sangam of Ganga and Yamuna,  Shipra and Godavari respectively.  People take dip in these holy rivers and it is believed that it makes you free from all your sins and makes you pure.

The day on which the sun is in the transit from Makar Rashi to Kumbh Rashi, that day is celebrated as Kumbh Sankranti.

Auspiciousness of Kumbh Sankranti:

Many people from all over the world attends the Kumbh Mela, people of all age groups, caste and region attend the Kumbh Mela. During the kumbh mela who so ever visits, takes dip in the holy water with sheer devotion and dedication and meditate a lot as well.  It is a medium to come closer to god. Every year thousands of pilgrims are increasing to visit the Kumbh Mela. It is also believed that one should visit the kumbh mela atleast once in a lifetime.

Rituals to be performed on Kumbh Sankranti:

Devotees can donate all kinds of food items, clothes or other things to the purohits.

Devotees can meditate and chant the mantras to get the blessings of the dieties.

People take the dip of the holy rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari to remove all their sins as this mahurat of Kumbh Sankranti is said to be very auspicious to do this.

Offering food to the cows are said to be very beneficial to the devotees and Kumbh sankranti is very auspicious day to do it.

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