Lalita Saptami: Celebrating the Bond of Divine Friendship


Lalita Saptami is the day of prayer offered to Goddess Lalita. It falls on the Bhadrapada month, on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha. The day of Lalita Saptami holds massive importance and it is viewed as profoundly holy to pray and worship Lalita Devi on this day. Goddess Lalita is a Symbol of Purity.

Goddess Lalita is the third of the Mahavidyas, an image of wholeness and purity. She is an excellent diety having an ideal structure and is the consort of kameshvara. She exists in an unceasing condition of impeccable harmony, constantly benevolent and her eyes are damp with sympathy for every living being on earth.

In many temples of Braj Bhoomi and Vrindavan, Radharani and Lord Krishna are followed by two Sakhis, Lalita and Visakha. Lalita is the friend and a constant follower of Radharani and a dependable friend who takes her side. She only wants is to serve Radha and Krishna. The famous Lalita Kund in Vrindavan provides liberation to all the devotees. 

 story of Lalita Saptami

Story of Lalita Saptami

Lalita Sashti Vrat is dedicated to Goddess Lalita Devi, a gopika in Vrindavan. This vrat is connected to Sri Radhe-Krishna. She used to have colossal love and incomparable energy towards her adored Krishna and Radharani. The various Ashtasakhis used to work under the direction of Lalita Devi as there guardian. They used to offer much dedication and regard to Lalita Devi as their constant partner for the services she provided to Radha and Krishna.

She was born in the town of Karehla and her dad gave Lalita Devi to Ucca gaon. There is a stone which contains the engravings of the lotus feet of Lalita Devi just as the utensils which were used by her to feed Lord Krishna. During the daylight, the engravings sparkle and shine all the time.

Significance of Lalita Saptami

Significance of Lalita Saptami

Lalitha Devi was one of the most important amongst the Gopis in the Vrindavan and she was a very dear companion of Radha Devi. She was a consistent partner and used to approach her for effectively surrendering to the tricks of Sri Krishna. There is a temple devoted to Lalita Devi at Braj in Mathura. In certain areas, rather than Saptami, it is Shasti that is held favorable on the earlier day or the 6th day during the Shukla Paksha of Bhadra month.

Advantages of Lalita Saptami

Advantages of Lalita Saptami

  • Negative planetary impacts and bad spirits can be removed
  • It helps to improve success, eloquence, and fame
  • The Goddess of the universe gives you with all that you need so that there’s no shortage of necessities throughout your life.
  • Goddess Lalitha, when prayed with a pure heart, enlighten the subtle energies that can result in the profound awakening of the individual.
  • The Lalita Sahasranama Homam removes the troubles and provides bliss and happiness in the life of devotees
  • One can gain the clarity of action and thought and get rid of the sins of past births


Askganesha wishes you and your family a very happy Lalita Saptami.

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