Leo: How To Be a Fashionista?


Your zodiac sign affects your fashion sense in numerous ways. Though style can develop and evolve over time, one’s innate sense of style is not subject to change. It’s a function of your planetary influences and must be studied in detail. Fads come and go and it is likely that chancing upon a childhood photograph of yours will elicit shocked responses from you. What was in fashion then might look hideous to you now.

Leo is a sign that oozes confidence. Their independence and style can be felt from miles away. You will often find a Leo surrounded with a group of people. They’re a hit with their friends, who enjoy their warmth and cheerful personality.

Routine will frustrate a Leo and lead to a lot of boredom in their lives. They like to constantly experiment and try new things out. Leos love flattery and praise in every form possible. They like to know their friends and family need them at all times. They are happy and content as long as they are appreciated and acknowledged.

The style sense of a Leo will mirror their personality. They like getting noticed in every aspect of their life. This is why they usually go for leather, silk, animal prints and prints that draw attention. You will rarely see a Leo wearing something without a designer label. These labels define style for Leos. They like dramatic colours like gold, black, red. They tend to dress according to their current state of mind and emotions.

In their daily lives, Leos can display their wild side with a little creativity. Women can opt for silk or stain shirts with embellishments. Incorporating accessories like trendy diamond cut watches and animal print shoes can do the trick.

The night time is Leos’ comfortable zone, particularly when they are out partying or spending time with friends. They’ll visit the most happening clubs but with a trendy outfit. They should opt for something bold as well as trendy when they hit the club. Women can go for dresses and skirts with some form of animal pint. Men can wear polo shirts with the latest style of jeans. Clothes can be teamed with bold, flashy accessories for the complete Leo effect.

Accessories are an important part of a Leo individual’s outfit. Women are usually interested in branded, trendy shoes and spend hours shopping for them. They are particularly fond of heels, something that literally elevates them above the rest! Leos are typically interested in gold jewellery and have several pieces of bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Be it the latest sunglasses or shoes in the market, Leos will stay updated. They enjoy making a fashion statement and thrive on attention and appreciation of their fashion sense. They have a great eye for fashion and are known for setting trends. However, they could feel insecure when people don’t compliment them on their style. So, all Leos must trust their innate sense of style and be confident of their choice.

It is also wise to choose the outfit according to the occasion. Dressed in animal print from head to toe isn’t the best way to be dressed at times. Above all, continue with your passion for style and fashion and keep setting trends.

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