Life is full of Surprises!!!


That’s a million dollar truth! Life is filled with surprises, as you never know what interesting is going to take place in your near future. You never know who is going to change your life in what manner and when you become king or queen of an unknown kingdom from an ordinary common man. It’s not always the planning that works out, it can also be the fortune that brings some good happenings in life. And that unplanned good happening to one’s life surprises that makes one feel more than happy. Imagine a morning when it’s your birthday, you wake up hearing a birthday song for you and see your room is decorated with roses, you have your friends holding your birthday cake and singing again and again. Even this thought of surprise can bring the smile on one’s face, then how blissful would it be to get those in actual.

But life doesn’t run on a single wheel. If it offers moments of joy it does offer blues also. It’s not only the surprises which are lined up in life, there are also more or fewer shocks in everyone’s life and it feels just opposite of being mesmerized. Sometimes people get shattered due to such sudden happenings such as deaths, may be relationship break ups in current scenario and there could be many more such unfortunate events in one’s life. This is all uncontrollable and unavoidable. So the conclusion is that one should never waste energy contemplating these bad thoughts like ”what if he or she leaves me tomorrow…!”. Constantly forecasting any bad happening will hinder one’s present, and bad present will give rise to bad past and bad past makes one regret about it. Therefore be carefree, be surprised and be happy, that’s the cheapest but the costliest thing on this earth.

Life is full of Surprises!!! by

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