Life Needs To Be Happy Not Perfect!

Some of us have the strong craving for perfection in our life that it’s visible even in their daily habits. Such people want the perfect schedule, perfect outfit, perfect work from subordinates, also perfect work to superiors, they might also demand perfection in their relationships! But does perfection necessarily includes happiness? Not really, in fact, the desire to be perfect makes one disheartened if that perfectness is not achieved. Life is a different kind of journey. This journey of life has hundreds of milestones, but there is no final destination or goal within. One should not aspire to reach that final destination, rather cherish the twists and turns in it. Because life itself is the destination and there is no such one ultimate goal to it.
Its much more important to be happy rather than being perfect. Life is not going to give you the certificate of being perfect in life, but it’s definitely going to give you the satisfaction for being happy and cherishing the moments of life. Satisfaction and happiness are linked to each other, if one is satisfied, one will be content and happy with his life. A perfect life is a myth, but a happy life is attainable if one knows how to be happy and satisfied. There are several ways of being happy in life. A rag picker child while sleeping on a roadside might be happier than the billionaire who is not able to sleep on his luxurious bed because he is worried about his deals on next day. It’s a matter of choice and satisfaction, everything is planned by the almighty or destiny and happens for a valid reason. One can’t be happy throughout the life that’s another big fact, but it’s up to you whether you choose to accept the truth and have the positive attitude towards future, or lament upon the past. So in order to be happy and not crave for perfection one needs to stop judging and criticizing. One should learn to go with the flow. One should have a broad perspective to life. And most importantly have faith in almighty.

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