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Love is the most beautiful form of emotion. There are other forms of emotion like anger, curiosity etc. Love perhaps is there to work as a nourishing element in one’s life. Leonardo da Vinci once said “life without love, is no life at all”. So, he meant that no love is equal to no life. Is that true in every case? Yes thats a sheer truth. Its not about the carnal desires and only the love between a husband wife and the couples. Its about any bond shared by two individuals and not necessarily by human beings. Love exists among animals too. Moreover its shared among humans and animals also. Love is something at some point of time, all strive for. Every being on this planet need love be it spiritual love or materialistic one. Power of love is such that it can flourish one’s life with success and bliss. Love is the path of bliss. Love can become the motivation and inspiration in one’s life. Those who choose to walk on the path of salvation are also driven by love, and this is love for god.

From the day you are born till the day you die, you need love in some or the other form. It can be in the form of care from parents, friends etc. A good comfortable life is also a form of love by almighty. This is one attribute of god that we inherit, how can this planet survive without love- love for nature, love for family, and love for animals. It is only love that makes you beautiful and makes you realise your potential. Love is driven by what is in your heart and soul. So, If there is no love, there is no life.

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