Love your partner like Radha Krishna and celebrate Valentine Day

Radha-Krishna – Epitome of Love

Love your partner like Radha Krishna and celebrate Valentine Day. No other faith in the world propagates and glorifies the notion of love as Hinduism. Our ancient scripture provides the evidence of the same, one such lover union is Radha Krishna.

Radha & Krishna are not only best friends, but great lovers as well. They are true lovers who still inspires the lovers all over the world. To rise in love and be in love all through their lives. There love was so pure and eternal that even though they were married to different people they are still paired and coupled together all the time.

Love story of Radha Krishna:

Radha- Krishna love story is a metaphor for divine-human relationship. Where Radha is the human devotee or soul who is frustrated with the past, obligations to social expectations and the ideas she inherited, who then longs for real meaning, the true love, the divine (Krishna). This metaphoric Radha (soul) finds new liberation in learning more about Krishna, bonding in devotion and with passion. They are the epitome for couples in love. Though they had age difference, yet their love is always revered.

Legends have it that during a meet he described his love towards Radha as: “Radha is Krishna and Krishna is Radha. Although their relationship is neither passionate nor secretive, but rather astral and purely divine. Their love did not require the societal sanctions, or tying of knots, yet they were and till date are the best couple.

Radha Krishna is still inspiring couple’s. Young lovers are often compared with them and called as Radha Kishan personified.

This Valentine’s Day, you and your Lover will have pairing like Radha Kishan, if you follow the following steps to express, what to expect from love.

This Valentine’s Day get a special Pooja done of Lord Radha Krishna for you and your valentine through

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