Lucky Bamboo plant: Bring good luck and fortune

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Lucky Bamboo is an auspicious tree and attracts prosperity, health and good fortune for your home or business. This is the most favored choices among Feng Shui plants and is immensely popular around the globe. Bamboo plants are sold in countries as a decorative plant and also as great gifts for different occasions. They are believed to fill the area of the owner with abundance and positive energy.


the story behind lucky bamboo plant

The story behind the lucky bamboo plant

The practice of placing the plant at home is dated back to ancient Chinese tradition. The art of Chinese astrology recommends placing certain objects as Feng Shui which cures and enhances the positive flow of positive energy at offices and home. Hence, Lucky Bamboo is considered as a significant member of Feng Shui remedies.

Bamboo plant grows in very less light and water and can be easily trained to suit the home environment for decoration. It is the best indoor plant for your home or office place. It adds luck and beauty in life and hence is considered a very useful plant to keep at your home. It enhances your love life and brings long and peaceful and long life in terms of health. The people focusing on business and career, it symbolizes growth and success. In a Buddhist view, it symbolizes honour, graciousness, and virtue.

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Why Lucky Bamboo is considered lucky?

The bamboo brings peace and wise energy into the office or home. It not only helps in the home décor but also brings prosperity and luck. The tall, green and vertical shape of the bamboo plant has traits of the wood element which influences the life energy and physical activity. It also teaches how to grow in adverse condition and poor light can be strong and teaches how one can survive and still be open-minded which can ensure that chi flows and can set it spiritually free. It is considered to be a good omen to give to loved ones as it is a good gifting option.

Use of Lucky Bamboo Plant

Decorations- It is highly recommended to use lucky bamboo for the decorative purpose. The plants grow easily with very little maintenance. You can grow it in different kind of places such as soil, water, pebbles, and stones.

Prosperity- Positive surroundings are created as an aspect of Feng Shui and create a positive aura in the environment. It represents wood as it is a natural element with a red ribbon tied to it as it represents fire. One can place the lucky bamboo in a room to create a sense of safety and balance.

Enhancing wealth- The south-east is said to be wealth and money, place the lucky bamboo in the region which can enhance the wealth of the family.


importance of lucky bamboo

Importance of Lucky Bamboo

Importance of number of bamboo sticks in the lucky bamboo plant

  • 2 bamboo stalks are for love and represent a couple in love
  • 3 bamboo stalks bring health, longevity and wealth
  • 4 bamboo stalks enhance career prospects and academic
  • 6 bamboo stalks bring prosperity and luck
  • 7 bamboo stalks invite health for the family
  • 8 bamboo stalks stand for development, growth, and prosperity
  • 10 bamboo stalks represent a sense of completeness and perfection

The bamboo plant is one of the prime Feng Shui Enhancer according to the occult science. One can buy them and place inside the homes and gift them to dear ones on certain occasions. It should be kept in our houses and place of work for spreading the positive energy and safety into the homes.


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