Worship Maa Kalratri on seventh day of Navratri


Maa Kalratri

 The 7th Incarnate at the 7th Night 

Kalratri: 7th Manifestation

Kalratri is the Seventh Manifestation of Durga, worshiped on the 7th night of the Navratri Considered as the most violent form of Goddess Durga., Kalratri means the One who is “the Death of Kaal”. Here Kaal is said to be time and death or ratri means night. Kalratri is one of the fiercest forms of Durga; she evokes fear by her appearance itself. Additionally, One should wear Royal or Dark blue colour on this day.


Maa Kalratri Appearence:

She is  One of the most violent of all the manifestations of Parvati, her dark complexion, big red eyes, open red tongue hanging out her mouth,  Kalratri Maa has four hands, the two left hands are shown holding a cleaver and a torch, while, her two right hands are in the giving and protecting Mudra. Her hair open, long, loose and scattered. Along with a shiny necklace, this shines like moon.  Furthermore, Kalratri has three eyes, that emanates rays that are somewhat like lightning, mounted on a donkey, she kills all the demons who come her way

Legend of Kalratri Maa:

Maa Kalratri is also known as Shubhamkari meaning the Good doer. In this appearance the goddess Kalratri killed Raktabeej. Raktabeej was a demon who could multiply from every drop of blood that fell on the ground. The Godess Kalratri slayed him, by liking the blood before it could touch the ground, and thus overpowered and conquered him.

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Benefits of Kalratri Maa:
  • The Worshiper of Kalratri are endowed virtues such as calm and courage
  • She gives her devotees the gift of Happiness, power and all comforts in life.
  • Since Kalratri governs Shani, so if anyone wants to reduce the effect of Shani or Saturn, then praying to Kalratri is necessary.
  • Her worship on the 7th day of Navratri is of high importance to yogis, as they penance for Siddhi, power and practise in universe.
  • Worship of Kalratri, merges the supreme Consciousness, along with destruction of darkness and ignorance.

Since Goddess, Kalratri is also an incarnation of Goddess Durga, so she also provides with strength and fearlessness. Furthermore, It would be good if you perform the Durga Puja, to get the divine blessings on this Navratri


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