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Maa Uma is another name for Maa Parvati, her consort Lord Maheshwar or Shiva is given a prime place in Hinduism as the parents of the Universe. The divine couples are engaged in the creation, destruction, and protection of the universe. They are the most merciful parents of the universe and they are easily pleased and compassionate to bless the devotees with all the boons.

Uma Maheshwar puja is being done for a long time in history. There are a lot of religious and historical personalities which have performed the puja and secure the great results. This puja is highly efficacious and bring harmony in the home and enhance the marital bond.

The household performs this Puja in order to perform the puja on their behalf of them through a well-accomplished pundit. Also, chanting of the most powerful mantra can fasten the result of the Puja.

maa uma


Parvati Parameshwar Mantra

“Vagartaa Vipasampruktau Vagartha Pratipattaye

Jagatah Pitarau Vande Parvati Parameshwaram”


Maa Uma Anushthan

Why Perform Uma Maheshwar Anusthan?

The fulfilling and happy married life with absolutely no troubles in the relationships of the partners is essential. It helps in bringing every couple on earth to look forward with a good understanding, good health, fortune and wealth to ensure a high-quality domestic life. There are times in a marriage when we can face a lot of unhappiness and instability in the day to day life. This puja is performed by the newly wedded couple for a frictionless and happy life of the couples who are facing problems in their relationships. Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati make the most powerful couple in the universe and worshiping them through this anusthan can bring prosperity and harmony of every household.


Maa Uma Puja benefits

Uma Maheshwar Puja Benefits

Maa Uma bestows the ultimate benefits on the couple while performing it. Every household must perform this puja either home or through accomplished Pundits on the behalf of you. You can get a successful and happy life for you and your spouse. There are many other benefits of this puja such as:

It relieves stress and tension which exist in the couple’s life

One creates harmony in homes to ensure a lasting relationship by avoiding any type of conflicts

It also promotes understanding among married couples

Couples wishing for a child can get the blessings of Maa Uma

It ensures a smooth relationship between married couples

Paves a road for maximum fulfillment for a newly wedded couple in their lives



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