Maghi Poornima 2015


Maghi poornima is one of the most important Poornima celebrated by Hindus, Maghi Poornima is considered to be one of the most auspicious poornima among all the poornimas. On the day of maghi poornima people take dip on the holy water of Ganga, and every day during the magh month which is mid of January till mid of February is considered to be auspicious specially for charity work and donations. This year maghi poornima will be celebrated on 3rd February 2015. It is also considered as the bathing festival all across the India. It is believed that bathing in the Ganga makes you free from all the sins and make the way towards salvation. People do fasting and do yagya at home and give donations to priest. Lord Vishnu is also worshiped on this day. Also people observe Satya Narayan Vrat and organize Satya Narayan katha. Magh Mela is held at Allahabad (Pryag) on this day. Over million devotees take dip on the holy water at prayag. This day is also important for Buddhist as well as on this day Mahatma Budh announced his impending death. In the Budh Vihars many ceremonies and prayers are organized. On this day the programmes begin with the hoisting of holy flags on top of all the monasteries early in the morning, and the saints chant the sacred verses from the Tripitaka.

Team AskGanesha wishes you a very happy maghi purnima.

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