Maharana Pratap Jayanti


Maharana Pratap Jayanti is a day celebrated mostly in north-western India to commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s greatest leader Maharana Pratap. He was the ruler of Mewar, a small province in north-western India which, now lies in Rajasthan.

He is mostly famous for his feud against the Mughals especially the Mughal king, Akbar. From a very young age Pratap was famous for his bravery, ethics and chivalry which are valued highly amongst the Rajput clans.

Pratap was one of the only few Rajput rulers that did not bend his knee to Akbar but rather resisted his armies for a long time. He lost his kingdom when Akbar attacked and took Mewar but he along with his family took sanctuary in the Aravalli Hills, from where he resisted the onslaught of Akbar for many decades.  Akbar sent many peace treaties to Pratap all of which he refused to sign, hence increasing the feud between the two.

He fought many wars with Akbar, the most famous of which is the Battle of Haldighati, where his armies lost, but he still regrouped and attacked Akbar once again at the Battle of Dewar, finally defeating Akbar and reclaiming most of his homeland from the Mughals.

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