Maha Shivratri


Maha Shivratri is on 07th of March 2016

Maha Shivratri means the night of Shiva”. This is the festival observed in honor of Lord Shiva. He was married to Parvati on this day. This night when Shiva is said to have performed the Tandava or the dance of primordial creation, preservation, and destruction. It is celebrated on the 6th night of the dark Phalgun every year. This year it will be celebrated on the 07th of March 2016. Further, On this day devotees observe fast and offer fruits, flowers and bel leaves on Shiva Lingam.

As per the Puranas during the mythical churning of the ocean called Samudra Manthan. A pot of poison emerged from the ocean. The god and the demons were terrified as it could destroy the entire world. Whey they ran to Shiva for help, he is in order to protect the world. He drank the deadly poison but held it in his throat instead of swallowing it. This turned his throat blue and since then he came to be known as Neelkantha, the blue-throated one. Although, Shivratri celebrates this event by which Shiva saved the world.

Astrological remedies to be performed on Maha Shivratri:

As per astrological guidelines ” The Maha Shivaratri festival help for those happy married lives. Various obstacles in marital life, delay in marriage, bickering in marital life. It also remove the ill effects of Moon, brings health, wealth and prosperity. And we would like to recommend the following Puja for overcome obstacle of life:-

Uma Maheshwari Puja: – Uma Maheshwari Puja is for long and happy married life. This Puja is considered to be best for marital happiness. If there is any discord in the relationship, all are resolved.

Shiv Parvathi Puja: – If there is any discord in the relationship, misunderstandings and other types of marital problems. You can take the blessings of Lord Shiv and Maa Parvathi to resolve the problems in married life.

Gauri Shankar Puja: – By performing the Puja, various obstacles that delay marriage are reduced. The eligible bride or groom is blessed with the suitable spouse.

Gajanan Homam: – This Puja should be performed on all possible auspicious occasions. Be it starting a new project or even your birthday.


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