Mercury Combust in Taurus

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When any planet gets too close to the Sun, then that planet is said to be combust. A planet that is combust does not disappear but its effects are nullified. It means that all the back-breaking we do, is not recognized, someone else takes away the credit. Sun represents ‘the self’, our ego drives us to be blinded of intellect and mind. When Mercury- the planet of wisdom and wits, is combust, it means that our reasoning power is overpowered by false ego. Combustion is usually comprehended as bad as it takes away its effects. When Mercury combust in Taurus, we may tend to lose our normal level of tactfulness, friendliness and diplomacy, all qualities that Mercury rules.

Taurus is a fixed sign. They are well-organized and planned. When Mercury combust in Taurus, we plan our efforts in a way to achieve our goals in a more efficient manner. We feel more dedicated to our dreams and more loyal to our loved ones. There is a strong inclination towards adapting a systematic approach. We may feel possessive and protective for what belongs to us and for those who are near to us. This phase of combustion may not be a good time to initiate any new project as it may not give the desired results and prove to be a bad deal. Keeping quiet and not getting in any arguments is advisable as the intentions behind conversation may get misunderstood.

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