Mercury Retrogrades in Taurus

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The planet Mercury rules how we communicate with others. Whenever Mercury retrogrades, there is a tendency for all properties of this planet to go off track. Mercury rules all objects related to commutation or used in making contact like cars, phones, computers, buses, etc. We need to be very careful while buying anything new as it may result in malfunction or returning of the product. Taurus are ruled by planet Venus and are possessive of their belongings. The bull-headedness of a Tauran is what explains all its traits. Taurus believes in adapting slow-and-steady approach. They are loyal at heart and expect the same from others. Mercury loses its restless edge and becomes mesmerized in grounded Taurus. In Taurus, Mercury seeks to create things that are enduring, tangible and stable.

Taureans are gifted with good common sense, but with Mercury retrograding in Taurus, all this could disappear. We need to be vigilant before signing any contract as it may work against us. Words should be chosen cautiously as they may hurt our near and dears. Our innate ego may force us to work against people than working with them. Money and official matters can be cumbersome and something that we’ve been promised may get delayed. We need to avoid stressful situation as whatever wrong is done in this phase of retrograde will correct itself later on. We may get distracted by the problems emerging but focus is what we need to hold on to during this phase.

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