Mercury transit in Libra

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During 24th November 2914, transition of Mercury in Libra shall take place. Mercury will move ahead of the Virgo zodiac sign and was out of the shadow of Rahu around 4th of November. In the upcoming weeks and precisely on 24th November transition of Mercury in Libra shall take place.

With Venus and Sun already present or transited in Libra, Mercury too shall join the transition phase. However Mercury shall be dominating the transition out of other two.

On 25th of this month, Mercury and Saturn shall align along to show some serious disturbances affecting lives. While 27th of this month shall face entering of Mercury in Sagittarius. This transition will go till 16th of the upcoming month.

The phase is crucial and one has to be optimistic and ideal about the future. Have faith and believe on God as they say “This shall pass too”

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