Mercury Transit in Virgo

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Transit brings changes in everybody’s life. It is important for you to know about transits of planets. Just like every other planet, Mercury transit will bring changes in your life. To know whether the changes in your life will be positive or negative, you should know about the position of planets in your birth chart. Mercury (Budh) is a neutral planet so it changes its behavior according to the position of other planets. Mercury transit (Budh Gochar 2014) can bring positive changes in your life if mercury is accompanied by a benign planet. Mercury transit can also bring negative effect if mercury is accompanied by malignant planet. So, be ready for ups and downs mercury transit 2014 will bring in your life


We all know about solar system. Mercury is the first planet from the sun. It is closest to the sun and also the smallest planet among other planets of our solar system. Being closest to the sun, temperature of this planet is very high.

As per Hindu Mythology, mercury is known as Budh. Budh is the god who saves merchants, also known as lord of Wednesday (Budhvar) and also said to be the son of moon.

As per astrology, if Budh is not accompanied by malignant planet, it brings benign effect to the native. Mercury is a fast moving planet, it may bring positive effects for you or after some time, it may bring some negativity. The planet controls your communication skills. The way you talk, whatever you talk depends on mercury transit 2014. Mercury is the ruler for 2 zodiac signs i.e. Gemini and Virgo. Not only communication, but education, business, science, sense and mathematics are controlled by mercury. If mercury lies in your birth chart, then you were born to be a mastermind. Mercury has dual behavior property which will bring misunderstandings and confusions. Mercury transit 2014 will bring prosperity in your life but it may vary in every zodiac sign.

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