Mokshada Ekadashi 2014: Dates and Mahurat


Mokshada Ekadashi or Parana Ekadashi is being celebrated with all the rituals on the very next day of Ekadashi fast. The observed festive fast of Ekadashi is being opened after sunrise. The Parana is being performed before the sunrise. The incomplete or unperformed Parana is offensive according to Hindu mythology.

Anyone observing ekadashi fast should wait hari vasara to open fast. It marks a quarter of Dwadashi. Ideally, prahatkal is the best suited time to open fast.

At some rare instances, Ekadashi fast is being observed for 2 days. In such cases, one should fast for one day only with their family. The second day fast is meant for sanyasis, widows and sadhus.

This fast is meant for devotees of Lord Vishnu who are seeking his blessings, love and prays.

Mahurat for Ekadashi

Tithi Date Time
Tithi Starting 1/12/2014 22:59
Tithi Ending 2/12/2014 21:27

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