Mother Teresa as an Evangelist in India


The purpose of Evangelicals has always been under deep scrutiny, especially in India as its status as a post-colonial nation enables it to dissect the function of the colonisers within the colony. A lot of people end up seeing Evangelicals as an extension of the colonial masters and the Evangelicals become symbols of the white man’s burden to “civilise” the native—convert them so that they can subscribe to the ideology of the masters as well as recognise the superiority of the masters. However, the Evangelicals do not seem to think so. While they are deeply rooted in Christianity, they primary objective seems to have been upliftment of the poor and the underprivileged.

Debates surrounding Mother Teresa centre on this dichotomy between her identities as a white woman and as someone who helps the poor in India. But no matter how vicious this debate gets, we cannot ignore the fact that she had nursed many sick and ailing people in India back to health. Even though she claimed that she was treating Christ’s wounds when she was treating a leper’s sores, her faith rises above the difference between the colonisers and the colonised, and she chose to help those who were in need.

Mother Teresa as an Evangelist in India by

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