Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is the worldwide celebration of womanhood and is a special day for all the mothers around the world as they are honored by their children. Mother’s day falls on the second Sunday of May every year.  Mother’s day has evolved as a tradition and is a day for women around the world to be dignified for all their hard work in raising their children.

It is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm with children giving gifts to their mothers. Many even do special things for their mothers on this day to show their appreciation such as making gifts for them, giving cards, baking cakes or just spending time with their mothers.

These small gestures are the essence of Mother’s day, where mothers work the whole year relentlessly trying to help their children and doing everything for them, there is this one day where even they get appreciated and people do something for them.

Mother’s day originated from the United States of America and has now spread throughout the world, although the date of the celebration may differ. It has now become a tradition for children to do something special for their mothers on this day and thanking them for all they have done.

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