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What are Nakshatras?

Nakshatras are the union of lunar mansions, through which the moon passes in the orbit around the earth. They are divided into 27 segments of the fixed star. These segments are the representatives of the days of the lunar month. A belief in Hindu astrology that the starting point from a point on the ecliptic precisely opposite star then develops eastwards. Therefore, creation of Nakshatra is al dependent on Daksha. Lord Moon’s wives are also placed in the Nakshatra line. There are 27 Nakshatra in Indian Astrology.


27 Nakshatra and their description:

In total there are 27 Nakshatra they are as follows:


The ruler Planet is Ketu, the colours associated with this Nakshatra are blood red and various shades of Red. The people born under this are blessed with beautiful appearance and a pleasing personality. Although their life chart is steady but, they lead a contended life. They also enjoy a healthy life and Shani and Mangal play a vital role in their life.

Careers ideally suited for you: Police, medical, surgery, railways, architecture, stock broking, business, interior design, flying, driving, riding and sports.

Health troubles: You are predisposed to muscular injuries and those of you leading very active lives should be careful, as accidents are common to people born under this. You are also Prone to head injury, insomnia, headache, as well as brain afflictions.



The ruling planet of this Nakshatra is Venus. This is in the shape of a yoni or female reproductive organ. Ruler of this planet is Yama, color is deep red. Additionally, the people born in this are opinionated and outspoken. Additionally, they are born to command and lead men born in this Nakshatra are, well grounded, honest and fearless. And women in this Nakshatra are, modest, clean and admirable.

Careers ideally suited for you: Sports, music, silver dealer, Military, Chemical industry, medicine and agriculture.

Health troubles: Obesity and skin diseases syphilis, cataract and are also prone to forehead injury.



Ruling planet is sun, deity is Agni and color is white. The symbol used to denote this Nakshatra is Axe, and the animal is a female sheep. Men under this are frequent job shifters, but at the same time they are good advisors on personal front. Whereas they are devoid of love and they only enjoy family life in continuity.

Careers ideally suited for you: Military, police, navy, defence, Engineering, law, medicine, business, interior decoration etc.

Health troubles: Prone to pimples, eye-sore, small pox, brain fever, cuts and wounds in accidents, insomnia, and inflammation.


The ruling planet is moon. Deity: Brahma, Color: white. Symbol: Chariot, Animal is Male serpent. Males in this Nakshatra are well dressed, stubborn and do not like to change their decisions at any cost. Similarly, women in this  are well dressed, well spoken and with pomp and show, but is an exhibitor of a weak heart.

Careers ideally suited for you: Business, estate agents, matrimonial agent, chemical engineering, civil engineering and construction. Furthermore, you will also do well in architecture, design, landscaping, precious stone dealer etc.

Health troubles: Prone to nervous and stress related health problems, sore throat, cold cough, apoplexy, swelling and headaches.



Ruling planet Mars, Color: silver, and deity: Moon, symbol: Antelope’s head, Animal: Female Serpent. The males born in this Nakshatra, are suspicious of everything around. Additionally, they are easily swayed and get cheated. Similarly, the women are intelligent women and social work oriented. Also, they are often selfish and quick witted.

Careers ideally suited for you: Estate agent, music, dress maker, engineer, and precious stone dealer. Communications, Environment campaigns, travel related industry etc. You will also do fare well in your career when you are given creative freedom and allowed to chart your own course.

Health troubles: Many of you will suffer from bodily ailments and minor illnesses and are also Prone to fracture of arm, as well as shoulder pain.


Ardra Nakshatra:

Ruling planet Rahu, Symbol: Human head, Deity: Rudra, Color Green. People born in this Nakshatra are usually intuitive and responsible. At the same time they are credited for their sense of Humour and friendly nature.

Careers ideally suited for you: Law enforcement, fire fighting, post & telegraph, as well as transport etc.

Health troubles: They are prone to asthma, dry cough, Heart trouble, paralysis, and stress related ailments.

Ardra Nakshatra


This 7th Nakshatra, with Ruler Planet is Jupiter, Deity: Aditi and Color: Gray. Additionally, people born, under this people are religious and overly orthodox they are unwittingly.

Careers ideally suited for you: Career options are religious or spiritual career, publishing, physician, professor, writing, acting or astrologer, you will remain deeply religious and spiritual as well as Journalism.

Health troubles: You should take care of your health you are Prone to bronchitis, stomach troubles, diseases like T.B., kidney troubles. Under nourishment and pneumonia, could afflict you.



Planet: Saturn, deity: Brahaspati, Color: Black and Red, Represents: Flower, a circle, an arrow. Additionaly, people born under this Nakshatra are wealthy, respectable, fair minded, good looking and loved by all.

Careers ideally suited for you: Medicine, Social Work, health care, underground works, mining, excavation, wells, sewers. Furthermore, you will also do well in agriculture, is ideally suited for you.

Health troubles: Some you could be predisposed to ailments respiratory problems, gastric trouble, cough, cancer, gall stones, gastric ulcers, as well as skin diseases etc.



Ruler planet: Mercury and Deity: Snake God. The Symbolic representation: Coiled Snake and animal: cat, Color: black. People born in this Nakshatra are Philosophical, intelligent versatile, clever, independent and mystic in nature. They never reveal their cards and hence are very mysterious.

Careers ideally suited for you: Ideally you are suited to go into politics, acting, writing or journalism, sales rep, auditor, travelling agent etc.

Health troubles: Ailments like joint pains, bodily discomforts, dropsy, jaundice.



The 10th Nakshatra in this line is called Maagh. This Nakshatra has ruling planet as Ketu, and deities are: Pitru or fore father. The Symbolic representation is a palanquin and Animal is a male rat. Therefore, People born in this Nakshatra are clear, intelligent, Arrogant and Short Tempered, jealous and immature.

Careers ideally suited for you: Suitable for big factories, criminal lawyer, surgeon, medical, Govt. service..

Health troubles: Prone to heart attack, backache, kidney troubles, asthma, epilepsy or cancer.


Purva Phalguni:

Ruling planet: Venus, Deity: Shivling, Color Brown: Symbol: Swinging Hammock, Female Rats it’s animal. People born under this Nakshatra are creative, intelligent, active and charming. Also at the same time they are indulgent, impulsive promiscuous natured etc.

Careers ideally suited for you: You will do well in the legal field as well as in law enforcement. Suitable for Govt. service, transport, music, sports, automobile, leather ,goods and hotel.

Health troubles: Ailments like asthma, BP, heart troubles, dental problems and abdominal complications.

Purva Phalguni

Uttar Phalguni:

The 12th Nakshatra has Residing deity as Aryama, the ruling planet is Sun. Colors associated is blue and its varied shades. And symbolically represented by the two rear legs of a bed and the associate animal are bulls. The Person born in this Nakshatra is: popular, hard worker, ambitious, and good orator and communicator. At the same time they are over- giving, egoistical, restless, and inconsiderate of other person’s feeling.

Careers ideally suited for you: Construction industry, hospitality industry, event planning, publicity management, accounts, lecturer, press, engineer, etc.

 Health troubles: You could suffer from ailments like dental problems, gastric problems and bodily discomforts, stomach troubles and backache.

Uttar Phalguni


The ruler planet: moon, Deity: surya, and color: green, symbolically represented as a human hand, with associate animal as female Buffalo. People born in this Nakshatra are: Pleasant humorous skilled, intelligent. And at the same time they are restless, like competitions and are conflicts oriented.

Careers ideally suited for you: You will be successful in areas that require you to use your creativity as well as, Suitable for salesman, overseas, communication, shipping. Furthermore, those born under this are good at organizing and managing things. Job related to travel is also situated for you.

Health troubles: Prone to gastric problems. You could be plagued by minor bodily ailments like cough and cold, breathing trouble, typhoid, asthma, high blood pressure and heart ailments. etc.



The 14th  Nakshatra has Residing deity as Vishwa karma. Ruling planet is Mars, colors associated is Green. And its varied shades and symbolically represented by jewel or pearl, reflective of the spirit within us. People of this Nakshatra are: Attractive great lovers, independent, natural leaders etc. At the same time they are : easily bored, self- centred, corrupt, negligent.

Careers ideally suited for you: Research, scientists, teaching surgeon, engineer and intellectual pursuits. Also the visual arts, spare parts, dress, precious stones, interior decoration, designing, landscaping etc.

Health troubles: Prone to kidney and bladder troubles, excess of urine, renal colic, pain in head, brain fever, psychiatric and brain disorders.



The 15th Nakshatra has Residing deity as Vayu the ruling planet is Rahu, colors associated is Green. And its varied shades and symbolically represented by Coral. People in this Nakshatra are tender, moral, able business – person, studious, and meek at the same time they are limitation resulting to loss of money, creates debt.

Careers ideally suited for you: Many of those born under this Nakshatra will be involved in religious or social work. Other options are transport, tourist, art, decoration, drama, scientist. Professions related to medicine and drugs, chemicals, precious metals and travel industry are also beneficial.

Health troubles: Those born under this Nakshatra could suffer from urinary trouble, heart trouble, abdominal problems, eczema, Brigit’s disease, skin trouble, leprosy.



The 16th Nakshatra has Residing deity as Vayu the ruling planet is Jupiter, colors associated is Green and its varied shades. And symbolically represented by a large tree, potter wheel. Presiding deity: Indra. People Intelligence of the highest order, bright Appearence. They are also over talkative, negative and create quarrels.

Careers ideally suited for you: Suitable for business, travelling agent, bank Journalism, sales and marketing, auditor, shares, metal-dealer etc.

Health troubles: Prone to diabetes, kidney & urinary troubles, ailments like paralysis, kidney and bladder trouble, hormone deficiencies etc.



The 17th Nakshatra has Residing deity as Mitra the ruling planet is Saturn. Colors associated is Red brown and its varied shades and symbolically represented by Lotus Flower. The People are Wise, free Spirited, Fun- loving, spiritual speaker.

Careers ideally suited for you: Suitable for mine engineer, Sales and marketing, Astrology, actor, oil dealer, plumber, laborer, dentist etc. Your profession may take far away from your place of birth.

Health troubles: You could suffer from minor bodily ailments like asthma, headache, breathing trouble, cough and cold and dental problems.



Symbolically represented by earring or circular protective talisman. Animal associate- female deer, Presiding deity is Indra, ruling planet Mercury. People are: successful in whatever they do supportive and self- important, egotism.

Careers ideally suited for you: Chemical engineer, press, publication, Metallurgy, Architecture, construction, interior designing etc..

Health troubles: Prone to bleeding piles, fistula, VD, pain in arms and shoulders.



Tied Bunch of roots is its symbolic representation, male dogs are its associated animal. Ketu is the ruling Planet, and Nirrti Is the presiding Deity. The people of this Nakshatra are: Proud, good- looking, generous, filled with composure, adventurous, peace loving etc. They also have negative traits like: non- trust worthy , too – goal focussed etc.

Careers ideally suited for you: Politics, sales and marketing, religious preacher, physician, social worker, finance, sailing etc.

Health troubles: Could suffer from ailments like pain in the joints, Rheumatism, hip and backaches, stomach troubles, problems with mouth, etc.


Poorvashadha Nakshatra:

Symbolically represented by a fan or winnowing basket. The residing Deity is Apas; Ruling Planet is Venus, and animal male Monkey. Furthermore, these people are artistic, good looking, inflexible, superiority complex.

Careers ideally suited for you: Financial planning, banking, corporate houses, legal advisors social work, NGO’s volunteer work etc.

Health troubles: Could suffer from ailments like T.B. eosonophilia, nervous disorder, skin problems, as well as muscular problems etc.

Poorvashadha Nakshatra


Associate animal- Male Mongoose, Symbol Elephant’s Tusk, Ruling Planet: sun, Presiding deity Vishvadevas. People are: Fun – loving intelligent, tolerant, and modest. At the same time they are destructive in relationship, apathetic.

Careers ideally suited for you: Research, mine engineer, underground works, irrigation, Teaching, Counselling, Intellectual activities, banking, as well as publishing etc.

 Health troubles: Could suffer from complaints like stomach and abdominal ailments, eye problems ,eczema, skin diseases, as well as digestive problems etc.



Represented by three foot prints, Animal Associated : female monkey, presiding deity: Vishnu. And ruling planet is moon, Good Speech, fame and creative are some positive traits. Where as the negative traits are Poverty, jealous and gossipers.

Careers ideally suited for you: Suitable for mining, liquids, oil, petrol, coal, well excavation, Engineering, management related jobs. You will be happiest if you could work for charitable or social work organizations.

 Health troubles: Prone to diarrhoea, urinary troubles, could suffer from ailments like eczema and skin diseases, T.B., Rheumatism etc.



Female lion, Musical Drum and it ruling planet is Mars, Presiding Deity The eight Vasus. They are insightful, Charitable, Enjoys music and dance at the same time. They are also careless incompatible, talkative etc.

Careers ideally suited for you: Skilled in business, music and dance, scientific research, astrology, philosopher, surgeon, computer industry, agriculture etc.

Health troubles: Could suffer from complaints like anaemia, cough and cold; heart failure, as well as leg injury etc.



Its symbol is ox cart, Animal is: Female horse, Ruling Planet: Rahu, Deity is Varuna. They are Charitable, principled, calligraphers, and writers. They are also lonely, miser and depressed.

Careers ideally suited for you: Academics, Engineering, Mathematics, Accounts, astronomy, statistics, scientific research, occult subject etc.

Health troubles: Prone to rheumatism, heart trouble, eczema, urinary tract diseases, diabetes, breathing trouble, cough and cold, pneumonia etc.



Represented as a drum with female elephant, ruling planet Ketu and presiding deity as Pushan. These people are Supportive, Independent, lucky also they are resent full, pessimistic and fascist.

Careers ideally suited for you: Counselling, publishing, editing, legal Psychology, Psychiatry, Social work, share broker, advertising, as well as radio, etc.

Health troubles:

Those born under this Nakshatra are prone to intestinal disorders, gout, nephritis. People also suffer from complaints like ulcers, intestinal disorders, orthopaedic and dental problems.


Uttar Bhadra Pada Nakshatra:

You have an attractive and charming personality and will always stand out in a crowd. Also have a gift of good in speech and are able to attract large number of people cutting across the social spectrum. You are fond of society and are loyal to your friends and always willing to come to their aid. As well as a fighter and will be victorious over enemies. Your deity is Ahir Budhnya.

Careers ideally suited for you: Successful career in law, professional mediation, importer, traditional business. Furthermore, you will also do well in clubs, hospitals and fisheries.

Health troubles: Minor complaints like bodily aches and pains, rheumatism, peeling of the skin etc.

Uttar Bhadra Pada Nakshatra

Poorva Bhadra Pada:

You are a self sufficient and highly resourceful person. Furthermore, you honest, humane, helpful, and talkative and will be very successful in attracting wealth. You will also succeed in attracting a lot of friends, some of them rich and powerful. But you are easily influenced by opposite sex, and have a tension able nature. Though you are an unselfish person but at times you act miserly. Additionally, you are a risk taker and your charming personality often gets you out of tight spots.

Careers ideally suited for you: Business, Banking and finance, medicine, literature, Industrial management. Furthermore, you will also do well in international travel, astrology, gems and precious metals etc.

Health troubles: Could suffer from complaints like swelling of feet and ankles, paralytic attacks. Furthermore, they will suffer from low blood pressure, hernia, diabetes, gastric and abdominal problems.

Poorva Bhadra Pada

Your Name and Nakshatra:

It has been observed that a name by which a person is addressed holds an important role in the structuring of the personality and character and to some extent destiny too. That is why many concerned parents around consult an astrologer. And get to know the Nakshatra in which the child is born soon after birth. Choosing a name that starts with one of the syllables of the Nakshatra will also bring your baby good luck and success in life.


Furthermore, some people change name even in older age and even then selecting the right syllables does have a positive effect. Hence, to know the Nakshatra and the name syllables it represents, or to know what Nakshatra is of your name, or to find out the correct syllable of the name according to Nakshatra. You can also log on to our websites for all these facilities.

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