Narada Jayanti


Narada Jayanti is a day celebrated to glorify Narada, one of India’s greatest sages. Narada is said to be a great devotee of Lord Vishnu who continuously chanted his name.

He was said to be one of the most learned man in India having a lot of knowledge about the Vedas, which consisted of science, religion, politics, morals and many more. He was also a kind and mischievous soul, having a great sense of humor, which he used to write many scripture as well as plays.

He travelled all over India, trying to gather knowledge while also trying to teach as many people as he could about the Vedas. He is also a patron of music and played the Veena. He played a very important rule in the Indian epic Mahabharata; he shared his knowledge with the Pandava brothers and helped them in many instances.


Narada is considered to be the first journalist on earth as he was a very important source of information for the Gods. There are many temples dedicated to him all over India and hence Narada Jayanti is a very auspicious to receive his blessings, especially for learned men who wish to be journalists.

It will be good to perform Lord Vishnu Puja on this ocassion of Narada Jayanti. One who worship Lord Vishnu on this day gets powers and wisdom as Narada.

Many purohits and well able pandits also start Lord Vishnu Maha Anushthan on this day as it increases the success rate of the event.

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