Narsimha – The Ferocious Avataar of Vishnu


What Is Narsimha Dwadashi?

Narsimha – The ferocious Avatar of Vishnu. Narsimha Dwadashi is dedicated to the worship of the Narsimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu. When Vishnu was incarnated as, half Man and half lion in order to kill the Demon king Hiranyakashyap.  Narsimha Dwadashi as the name suggests falls on the 12th day of the Phalgun (February-March). It is also known as the Govinda Dwadashi.


Story of Lord Narsimha:

The story that is popularly surrounded around Narsimha is that, the Evil king called Hiranyakashyap. He wanted to take revenge of his brother’s death from Lord Vishnu. He after praying to Brahma, got a boon that would make him invincible and supreme leader.

However, Hiranyakashyap’s son Prahlad was a devotee of lord Vishnu; this did not go well with Hiranyakashyap. In order to put down the lord, he asked Prahlad to proof the existence of God. Then at that point Prahlad pointed at the pillar. An Angry Hiranyakashyap hit the pillar with his mace, it was then the lord appeared in front him in the Narsimha Avatar.

Lord Vishnu in Narsimha Avtar killed Hiranyakashyap and established Prahlad as the king, at the end established good over evil.

Why and how it is celebrated?

On this day one can be seen fasting in the name of Lord Narsimha and chanting the slokas dedicated to him.

This is the best way to get his blessings in order to make us courageous, and helps us in successfully defeating our problems. At the same time endow us with happiness and peace within the family and success for future.

He always blesses his devotees with bravery, confidence and strength. Hence, if this vrat is observed it will be important for a better life.

It is perhaps one of the most effective fasts.  It is also said that worship of Narsimha Bhagwaan brings, good luck prosperity liberation from sins, and protecting devotees from evils


The procedure/ Ritual to do the vrat:

One way is that devotees can get up early in morning to take a dip in holy rivers. Any water body that is available locally can be used for this puja. While dipping in rives and holy water, one can chant Vishnu Mantra, at the same time chanting Vishnu mantra brings prosperity and happiness in one’s life.

People also give charity to needy, and visit to local Vishnu Temples where you can perform lord Vishnu puja.

It is better to stay awake whole night and chant the mantras as this is the best way to celebrate this festival.

The rules and guidelines to observe Narsimha Dwadashi, fasting to other Dwadashi fastings. Devotees eat only single meal one day before this. All types of grains and cereals are prohibited during this fast.

Prana, which means breaking of the fast, which can be done on the next day of Narsimha Dwadashi at the appropriate time.

If above mentioned techniques are not possible to follows then, one can pray to the deities of various rivers, in the water they use for bathing.

Devotees in large number flung to Mahodadhi Teerth at the coast of Puri, as it is of astrological importance. Here the followers perform puja, by offering fruits flowers and prasads.

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