New year 2019: Looking forward to a great ending and new beginnings


New year 2019

Once again, New Year is all set to amaze people in every possible way. It’s an ideal time of the year when people forget everything happened in the past year and just concentrate on how to make this new beginning joyful and exciting.

But modern India celebrates the birth of each new Gregorian year with much enthusiasm. While the elder people try to maintain the religious spirit connected with their regional New Years, the younger generation is more towards the western trends. Especially in big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Calcutta, the youth celebrate the New year 2019 eve with dance parties and nightclubs. But traditionally, New Year is celebrated with religious ceremonies and positive resolutions or horoscope predictions for the upcoming year. There are many places where burning the statue of a man is related to forgetting the old self is part of the ceremony. This act reminds the people to leave behind the old self, being born again as a new person.

Puja and Homams for New year 2019

The old belief in Hinduism that God is watching every action of a human being and worshipping him keeps the person on the right track. Through worship, they show how much they respect and admire God and win his heart to be protected in the times of trouble and difficulty. There are several god and Goddesses who are usually worshipped in our culture in Hinduism. All Gods have different powers and protect a human being at different times of his life.

There are several forms of puja’s that are performed in Hinduism like Lord Ganesha who can worship to honor them. This type of Pooja can be performed on daily basis in the temples or within a person’s heart. Then there is Shanti puja, in this form of puja or homam is performed in the house. The main aim of this puja is to reduce the worries and tensions that are hovering over a person’s life. The homams and pujas help in decreasing the negative energies and revive the confidence of the person and live his life peacefully. This form of puja can also be performed for improving the prospects of the New year 2019.


There is nothing better to welcome the New year 2019 (or a new phase) than to start with Poojas and Homams. Also one should make sure to throw or give away old, broken stuff you no longer need or use, and de-clutter your living and working space as much as possible. AskGanesha can help in the predictions and horoscope for the year ahead and wish you a very Auspicious Year Ahead (2019).

New year 2019: Looking forward to a great ending and new beginnings by

Abhishek is the senior astrologer at AskGanesha. His interest list includes pharmacy and astrology. He is a qualified pharmacist and has received many awards in this field and has been Honored with Jyotish Shiromani and Jyotish Martand. Unlike others, Mr. Abhishek had keen interest in astrology since his school days. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga and owes all his success to their blessings.

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