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The night when moon walked without its ‘Chandni’ (Sridevi)

Sridevi – Sree Amma Yanger Ayyapan: The Lamhe gone by:

Sree Amma Yanger Ayyapan better Known as Sri Devi Kapoor (Born on 13th August 1963), a screen legend, leading lady for 50 years, and a comic actor par excellence. Left for her, heavenly journey, on 24th February 2018, in Dubai. She is survived by her producer husband (Bonny Kapoor), and two Daughters. – Jhanvi Kapoor and, Khushi Kapoor. Her elder daughter Jhanvi Kapoor is all set to make her Bollywood debut this year.


The night when moon walked without its ‘Chandni’

Fond Remembrance: Her death leave fans devested.

This shocking news has startled not only the friends and family, but also fans all over the country and world. She is not only an externally beautiful person, but a person beautiful from inside as well, her loss is irreplaceable to the film industry and to her family. The term “superstar Heroine” was actually introduced with her.  All her fans from all age groups, remember her fondly because of her contribution in Hindi cinema.

Sridevi – The Superstar

She was an all rounder with her work, her comedy timing was impeccable. Weather it was a serious role like Lamhe or the imitation of Charlie Chaplin in Mr. India, she did it with ease and poise. Weather a mentally retarded girl in Sadma or a funny con artist in Chalbaaz, weather a revenge seeking mother in Mom or an English learning house-wife in English Vinglish, she gave these performances like they were meant only for her.

Start of Professional Career:

She was a child actress and started her career at the tender age of 4, since then it was no looking back for her. Be it Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam or Kannada and Hindi, she was a superstar in other languages as well.


The night when moon walked without its ‘Chandni’

Career graph:

Like every other fan, the first Sri Devi movie that comes to mind where she is an actor beyond her capabilities was Lamhe. She was seen in a different light, being the older love interest of Anil Kapoor, then the young girl who had a crush on him. Make the viewer  realise the leaps and bounds of her talent. Her intensely expressive eyes spoke what she wanted to say in her dialogue.


The night when moon walked without its ‘Chandni’

 Real and reel roles:

The Real life role that of a wife and mother, she played effortlessly. In a promotional event for her film ‘Mom’, her Producer Husband Bonny Kapoor said that if he was Shaha Jahan he would have Taj Mahal for Sri Devi; such was the love of one of his self- confessed biggest fan. 

Refreshing Memories:

Though she is no more physically with us, but her films and work stays in the memory of all her loved ones and her avid fans. She keeps on inspiring the viewers and future generation actors with such beautiful performances. The void can never be filled, but we pray and hope that she rests in Peace.

Mystery of Sridevi’s Death:

Even, though she was fit as fiddle, her stars might not have favored her as we lost her to untimely death, the cause of death was accidental drowning in her hotel room bath tub. But it can be believed that her stars were not aligned.


The night when moon walked without its ‘Chandni’

Death according to astrology:

According to our astrologer, the Saturn is the primary leader or is the 1st Lord in her and is placed at the 7th house in the charts. The sun comes second and is expecting the 7th house and the 7th lord.

In, the mid- year of 2016, the phase of, Mahadasha of Saturn. Sun and Saturn together are considered as natural ‘Marak’. As mercury is functionally malefic planet, having the attributes of the 8th house, the house of Death. At this juncture she had entered the Pratyantar Dasha of sun, and maha and antar dasha of Saturn is seen to have started since mid -January 2018.

This marks the time when “the reason of death” might have taken shape. She was under, Saturn/Saturn/sun/Mercury phase from 21st February 2018, Thus Saturn Sun and mercury caused her death.

The night when moon walked without its ‘Chandni’ (sridevi) - Askganesha by

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