Onam Festival: The Harvest Festival of Kerela


India is a culturally rich nation and a hub of various festivals and celebrations.  Almost every month is filled with various celebrations and individuals enthusiastically wait for them and make one excited about arrival. Onam is one must-see celebration of Kerala and a sight worth experiencing once in life.

Onam is the most well-known celebration in Kerala and is celebrated with incredible grandeur and show. It is accepted to be the National celebration of Kerala. Onam is celebrated every year in the long stretch of August-September which as indicated by the Malayalam calendar is the starting month of the year called Chingam. The merriments of the Onam continues for ten days in which old and youthful people take an interest with great enthusiasm.

Significance of Onam

The celebration of Onam is devoted to the King Mahabali who however was an Asur (one with progressively negative thoughts in the mind) by birth yet was a Sur (one with increasingly positive thoughts in his brain) by the virtue of his personality. It is said that Kerala never saw a superior time than it saw amid the rule of King Mahabali as he was a just king. None of the needy or poor person at any point in life returned without help from his doorsteps. The legend of King Mahabali says that the king himself alongside everything else he do stand true to his words. In this manner as a reward for his penance, he was honored to be remembered by the general population of Kerala and every one of his adherents for forever as Onam celebration.

onam celebration

How this festival is celebrated?

It is a custom to set up the tasty 21 natively home-cooked curries and sweet payasam. The homemade-food is served on the banana plant or plantain leaves. A remarkable procession of the wonderfully enhanced elephants is held. The brilliant firecrackers and renowned Kathakali move enthrall the consideration of the observers. Be that as it may, the highlight of the event is the world-famous grand boat race, ‘Vallamkali’. The long breathtaking snake-shaped boats called the ‘Chundans’ test the paddling abilities and stamina of the contenders taking part in the race. The cheers and uproarious spectators always urge the challengers to win the race and get attractive prizes.

Hindu culture and Onam

Hindu culture and Onam

Onam celebration holds essential importance for the Hindus, however, this event is delighted in by all the religion. The grand festival and affair of this antiquated celebration wipes out all the religious disparities and creates disagreement in the common society. Aside from the Hindu customs, it is seen that the Christians of Kerala additionally celebrates this yearly celebration with incredible energy. Their customs incorporate the lighting of Nilavilakku which is trailed by aarti and waving of flowers over the Bible which is called Pushparati. Alongside this, they likewise have supper together with Hindus which connotes the fellowship of siblings and sisters regardless of beliefs and faiths.

The whole team of Askganesha wishes you and your family a very prosperous Onam.

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