Why One Should Not Borrow On Tuesday

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Mars or Mangal is called Dhartiputra which means son of the Earth as per Indian Astrology. Mars is almost half in size as compared to Earth, but has greater impact on the lives of people astrologically. Mars is a planet whose nature is revengeful, anger, fight, quarrel and restlessness. Mars comes under the category of evil or malefic planet. Mars looks younger than its actual age and is known for its cruel behaviour, and always a threat for his enemies. Because of Mars, the sex power of the native enhances and that is the reason he is lustful. Such natives enjoy sex the most. At the time of moon’s waning the time is for Mars’s to become powerful. Mars direction is towards south. All the major disasters, earthquakes, fires and accidents are in control of Mars. Natives who have strong Mars makes them property dealer, police Officer, soldier and surgeons.

As per the Indian astrology one should not borrow any money on Tuesday as the repayment of that debt or loan may take many years, also not a good day to wear new clothes. Clever money lenders give the loan or money on Tuesday knowingly because they believe that the borrower will not be able to repay it within the fixed time frame. In case of repayment of loan it should be made on Tuesday.

One should donate copper to pacify Mars. During the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Mars, Red Coral should be worn, if the Mars is a weak planet in the chart. People who are politicians and contractors should worn this gem, but before that do a proper puja and also consult to an astrologer. Incase the Mars is on the Negetive side, do not wear Read Coral as it may create problems. Consult the astrologer first.

The mantra of Mars is


While chanting the mantra of Mars make sure the environment is peaceful. Mars has great impact on married life as well, so it is necessary to see and analyze the position of Mars in the chart to make the married life successful. If the boy is Manglik as per the horoscope then it is necessary that the girl should be manglik.

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