Symbolism of Christmas and its Origin


According to the traditions, Christmas day has been about celebrating the birth of Jesus. The first ever recorded date of Christmas is December 25th during the time of the Roman Emperor. A few years later, the Pope Julius I officially declared the birth of Jesus as a celebration on the 25th December as Symbolism of Christmas. However theologically Christmas story really begins before the foundation of the world and Christmas was God’s idea. All the customs were planned by him and have been followed since that time. Since it was his idea about the celebration, we individually should find out what God has in mind.


Different Symbols of Christmas

All the elements of Christmas tell a story in itself and hold an important place in the celebration of Christmas. Given below are some of the major symbols we come across during the celebration.


The Symbolism of the Christmas tree

The trees during Christmas are a much-loved part of this holiday tradition. No one knows exactly how Christmas trees became such a significant symbol. However, surely the facts that they are evergreens, that they seem to gracefully point up to heaven and that they symbolize life are factors. Their great beauty when well-decorated seems to reflect the beauty and glory of God. The star that is traditionally put on top reminds us of the star and the heavenly choir on the night Jesus was born.


The Symbolism of Christmas lights

The lights that decorate homes and Christmas trees are said to have originated in pagan religions. For many centuries, they have served as a reminder of the star that the wise men followed when Jesus was born. The Christmas lights remind us that Jesus is the true light of the world. Where Jesus is present, there cannot be spiritual darkness.


The Symbolism of Christmas sweets

Even candy canes are a beautiful, spiritual symbol of Christmas. Because they were first made in the early 1800s, they are a fairly recent addition to Christmas lore. The candy cane is made in the shape of a J, the first letter in Jesus. The white symbolizes his purity and the red symbolizes the festiveness of Christmas. The peppermint flavor represents the sweet experience that comes with one’s spiritual commitment to Christ. Candy canes are often used to help decorate Christmas trees.


The Symbolism of Christmas music

Christmas would not be nearly so wonderful if we did not have the beautiful music that has become so much a part of this holiday experience. Hundreds of songs celebrate everything related to Christmas. Carols that celebrate the spiritual truths are much-loved. They are sung in churches but are also popular in society at large. Many Christmas songs tell the stories of Santa Claus, families getting together to celebrate, and how this season is different from every other.


The Symbolism of Santa Claus

A central tradition in the Christmas celebration is a person called St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or one of many other different names. Almost every child loves Santa Claus, by whatever name he is called, and eagerly anticipates his coming on Christmas Eve. There are different stories about how Santa Claus became a part of this holiday’s traditions, but perhaps the most common goes back to third- or fourth-century Turkey. Tradition says that a devout Christian, named St. Nicholas had a generous heart. He served and helped many poor people. The story says that he would sometimes secretly enter a home to put treats and coins in children’s stockings. The generosity that St. Nicholas displayed sets a good example for children and adults alike.


One might wonder why so many traditions with pagan origins became important symbols used to celebrate Christmas. In spite of their pagan origins, these symbols speak to hunger for meaning and spiritual significance in life. These symbols, having been connected to Christmas, have been transformed and no longer speak of pagan customs. They do serve as a reminder of all that Christmas symbolizes.

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