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The oscar 2018 Goes to:

Best Actor to Gary Oldman- (Darkest Hour),


Award for Best Actress to Frances MacDormand- (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri).


Oscar for Best Supporting Actor to Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri).

Best Supporting Actress to Allison Janney (I, Tonya).

Oscar for Best Director to Guillermo Del Toro (The Shape of Water).

Award for Best Original Screenplay to Jordan Peele (Get Out)

Best Adapted Screenplay to James Ivory (Call Me by Your Name).

Oscar for Best Film: The Shape of Water

Best Live Action Short Film: The Silent Child.

Award for Best Animated Feature Film: Coco

Oscar for Best Animated Short Film:  Dear Basket ball

Best Film in Foreign Language: A fantastic Women- Chile

What are Academy/ Oscar Award? 

The Academy or oscar 2018 awards are set of 24 Awards that are presented in technical and artistic categories. These awards are presented annually, to American Film fraternity or commonly called Hollywood. The oscar 2018 awards are annually presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS). These Awards are presented for excellence in Cinema and for contribution in the field of film making, and it’s various aspects.

The 90th Academy Awards:

This year (March 2018) the Oscar’s celebrated its 90th Birthday, by rewarding and honouring the best in films of 2017. The ceremony was held in Dolby Theatre (previously known as the Kodak Theatre) in Los Angeles. The host of this year’s Ceremony was: Jimmy Kimmel.

Ceremony of oscar 2018 – Special Events:

This year the oscar 2018 was also special as it was a Harvey – free Oscar. Harvey Weinstein, who was accused, of molesting women, and casting couch. In fact there was an installation of Guerrilla art which was title “the Casting Couch” as it seated Harvey Weinstein. This art was placed along with Hollywood Boulevard, Ahead of the Oscar Ceremony. Since, this Action was mainly meant, to shame the Producer of his doings.

Indians all over India and the world looked forward to with waited breath, for Priyanka Chopra. As it was decided that she would be presenting an award. But all her fans were, disappointed as she did not turn up for the Grand gala and Oscar ceremony. As it is said that she is un-well.

In the category of Remembrances or “In Memoriam” amongst the famous actors and technicians, like Roger Moore, John. G. Avildsen-director, Tony Ann Walker- Hair dresser. There was a mention and homage to Late Shashi Kapoor who passed away on 4th December 2017, and recently departed Sri Devi Kapoor (passed away on 24th February 2018).

History of Oscars:

The very First Oscar Award Presentation was held on 16th May 1929, at the private function. That was said to be held in Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Named after 26th American President Theodore/ Teddy Roosevelt), with About 270 people in Audience. The ceremony lasted for 15 minutes, and the winners were announced 3 months prior to the ceremony in media. This was further changed in year 1930, when the announcements were made through newspaper at 11pm on the night of the ceremony. This pattern was followed by in the next decade.

Naming or Nomenclature:

According, to one of the legends, an eminent Actress and President of Academy- Betty Davis claimed that she named the awards the Oscar- after her first husband and Band Leader- Harmon Oscar Nelson.

Another celebrated origin story is, when Academy’s Executive Secretary- Margaret Herrick in the year 1931. While watching the awards ceremony, made a reference, after looking at the statuette reminded her of her uncle Oscar.

The very first mention of the word Oscar was seen in an article by New York Times in the year 1934.

oscar 2018

oscar 2018 goes to

Trivia about Oscar Awards:

Since the very first up till now, a whopping 3072 Oscars have been Awarded in various categories.

In the year 1941, the Academy again changed their pattern and started to seeled envelope method to revel the winners.

The official name ‘Oscar’ was formally adopted in the year 1939 by AMPAS.

The first Actor to receive the Award was Emil Jannings for his rolls in “The Last command” and “The way of all flesh

The decision of inclusion of foreign film category was taken on 27th March 1957, at the 29th oscar 2018 Award ceremony.

As can be seen, from the year 1973, the ending of the ceremony is with the Announcement of Best Film.

Astrological Connections:
Gary Oldman:

To begin with he was born On the 21st March 1958, at New Cross London. Is an Aries by birth, he has the quality of being a leader and an initiator. The physical attributes includes, presence of strong, as well as sharp facial features, a tanned and rugged complexion with an active body constantly moving in graceful strides. But, they are often found sporting red, which is also the color of their zodiac sign. Hence, winning an Oscar was said to come his way.

Frances MacDormand:

To begin with she was born as Cynthia Ann Smith, on 23rd June 1957, at Illinois US, A born Cancerian. As a Cancerian she is an iron- willed women and very stubborn. But in order to get their work done they behave genteelly with others, and can use emotional manipulation if it does not work. So for her Oscar was on her way.


Numerologically Speaking:

The Shape of Water:

In brief – A Romantic Fantasy, released on 1st December 2017, has the number 5 after its summation. The film shows an adventurous peek into the life of Protagonist who is mute. And the only medium of communication is through sign Language. As well as the set at the back drop of Cold war 1962 America.

In fact, She forms a close association with the new humanoid Amphibian, brought in for experimentation. And at the end a happy ending when the creature and the protagonist both jump in the water and it are believed that they both live happily ever after. The happiness at last is a typical trait of number 5, so is longing for freedom. Hence, all of these make a hit film and a formula of sure shot success.

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