Methods to Overcome depression and anxiety with spirituality


Overcome depression

Understanding Depression:

Overcome depression

Depression is an emotional mode, which dominates the outlook and mood of an individual for a long period of time. It has become a word of common parlance, which is used to describe the everyday events- failing in exam. Or even over the loss of a sport team to a life altering event like marriage or death. It is something that comes and goes like our feelings. Although being sad does not mean being depressed, depression is not similar to sadness. We feel sad for some event, that feeling goes away in a day or two, when our mind is diverted. Where as depression is a prolonged and persistence phase of Sadness that goes on your months and even years. It can affect you in various ways such as changing your personality, interests and the way you see the future.

Symptoms of Depression:

Overcome depression

Depression is not one particular disorder; the depression is a combination of multiple disorders and events that are difficult to pinpoint, but they create upheaval in some way or the other through emotional tantrums.  For a diagnosis of major depressive disorder, a person must experience at least five of the following symptoms during the same two-week period:

  • A feeling of deep sadness or emptiness,
  • When we feel apathy, loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities,
  • Feelings of agitation or restlessness, physical hyperactivity or inactivity, surrounds us
  • Experiencing disturbances in sleeping patterns- like insomnia (Lack of Sleep), or hypersomnia (Excess of Sleep)
  • Issues relating to weight/appetite disturbances are experienced during sleep.
  • While we are depressed we are unable to think or concentrate.
  • Feelings like excessive guilt, self- pity, self- deprecation, self-reproach or worthlessness, encounter us.
  • We always feel fatigued or loss in energy even, even with no activity done.
  • Morose thoughts of death or suicide developing suicidal tendencies. Trying to commit suicide in depression.

What is Anxiety?

Overcome depression

Anxiety is called as the feeling of worry, unease and nervous about those things that have uncertain outcome or future. Anxiety is nothing merely your fear or worry, that does not go away that easily and can get worse over time periods. Our irrational fears that aggravate due to the specific events and can interfere in our day to day life. They are normal feelings and experiences that can be a part of our daily lives and easily diagnosable.

Spirituality as a method for easing anxiety and Overcome depression:

Overcome depression

Anxiety and depression is a part and parcel of our daily lives. Treating anxiety and depression through heavy medication has become the scene of today. But instead of taking medication, the alternative techniques such as meditation, spirituality helps in coping with these two and also increases the flow of energy and positive thoughts.  Spirituality is not religion in fact it goes beyond religion and religious activities. It is belief and faith and a way of wishful and positive thinking.

Spirituality helps in:

Making youself feel more hopeful:

Overcome depression

Spirituality framework helps in keeping a constant belief that some other greater power will help us in maintain hope in the long road and journey of life. It is necessary to first identify the mode of your depression. Here spirituality helps that through faith in something powerful and the change can occur in positive manner, it is not just a wishful thinking.

Open in new techniques of handling Anxiety and Depression:

Overcome depression

When we believe that someone is listening, someone who is not a family or friend, but a third person makes a huge difference. Since someone listens to you and you share with someone else your feelings, it opens a new window altogether. A window that enables you to accept new methods of healing and never giving up. It translates into prayers for some, and for some it becomes treatment techniques. Meditation helps in reducing anxiety and to Overcome depression.

Evolution of Attitudes and actions in positive direction:

Overcome depression

Doing anything spiritual, i.e. praying, going to the place of worship. Or even taking a walk in nature will help in reducing the anxiety and stress level and to Overcome depression. By meditating you realize the goodness in nature and that you may not have to be perfect to be loved rather be simple enough to love someone or to get loved.

Perception of problem changes:

Overcome depression

When you lead your life in the spiritual way and manner, so the problems or an obstacle does not become a hurdle, rather they become the opportunities for growth and learning. When you face troubled times instead of getting angry you would rather ask “what can I learn, what are the possibilities hidden in this problem or opportunities.

If you are feeling anxious and to Overcome depression, you can use the method of meditation to ease down the two. You can also get in touch with our well–versed astrologer who would provide you with health report and suggests you remedies for the same.

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