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Result Anxiety

Results; a time of joy, sorrow, stress and nervousness:

After the exam comes the result. The result becomes the testing time for both parents and students. Since everyone is anxious about the outcome of there testing time. Let it be any situation, the results always bring nail biting anxiety. It becomes the time of joy and sorrow, stress and nervousness. But also relief about the wait of their test is over. To reduce stress and cope up with Result Anxiety a lot of methods are used one of which is seeing astrological predictions.

Result Anxiety

Following are astrological remedies for all and every obstacles faced by the students due to Result Anxiety:

             1. Exam Phobia:

We all at one point of other might have this phobia. The phobia makes us nervous and it drives the students to be distressed, and depressed, leading to inability to face exams. And affecting their performance during the exam.

Remedies: Many astrologers provide all sorts of techniques for overcoming the various exam obstacles. One such is technique is asking the correct question. At AskGanesha website, one can ask question either by themselves or on behalf of the parents and you will get the reply, directly from our astrologer. Another, important remedy is to wear silver ring.

            2. Lack of Concentration:

All of us at times, face the problem of lack of concentration. It is very common among students. Reasons for lack of concentration could be attributed to poor diet and nutrition, the surrounding and the environment around the student is stressful. Then comes the problem of sleeplessness, all these are one way or other associated with the coming of exams.

Remedies:  One of the basic remedy for improving concentration is that put a red dot on wall and stare it continuously for a long time. By visiting AskGanesha website you can get answer to your queries related to concentration. Here on the basis of your moon sign and lunar charts, you will get the education report. That the Astrologer at askGanesha prepares with due concentration and consideration.

         3. Reduced memory:

It is a common phenomenon during exam time that we tend to forget everything that we have learnt. Our memory becomes poor, at times we even black out, we even have problems in memorizing lessons.

Remedies: The remedies for the same are the use of crushed almonds, and almond powder in diet. It will enhance the retention capabilities. At the same time drinking a juice of Holy Basil or Tulsi, also helps in regaining the memory power. One can also go for Saraswati Yantra provided at ask Ganesha website. Saraswati is Goddess of Learning so keeping the Yantra beside you will enhance the mental abilities.

       4. Stress and Panic Attacks:

During exams and results time students may have a panic attack. It leads to further stress and anxiety and health problems. It further leading to loss of crucial and valuable time for the student, during exams and even after the results.

Remedies: Some say that remedies like sleeping postures and directions helps in relieving stress. It is advised that students should sleep facing south or east direction. One can also go for Remedial Consultancy report on AskGanesha website. Where the astrologers after detailed study of your natal and lunar charts, gives you proper remedies for the same.

Result Anxiety

Other Astrological remedies to garner good Results, and cope with the stress and anxiety: 

Chanting of Gayatri Mantra, also helps in coping with stress, and relives tension during Result Anxiety.

Doing the Maa Saraswati Puja and Homam, during the exam time or while waiting for results. It is good to do Maa Saraswati Puja, as it will help in garnering success.

Meditate: Meditating during time of Result. It helps to reduce Result Anxiety and stress full time. It enables in concentration, and relaxes our mind for future endeavors.

Talking to Professional:  During the stress full time, we prefer talking to someone who is professional. And he can provide us with correct guidance. At AskGanesha, you can talk to our astrologer for their advice.

Result Anxiety


Best advice to parents is stop pressurizing your child, and show confidence in all their decisions. The path that they have chosen is best so let them tread on their own path. But always be their to guide them and hold them when fall. If Parents and students follow the advice of the Astrologers and the remedial services provided at askganesha, then they can get the desired result.


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