Overcome Your Negative Emotions


Dealing with negative emotions is an extremely difficult task. Society perceives negative emotions as a sign of weakness or disease. These widespread misconceptions are the reasons responsible for difficulties that individuals face while handling negative feelings. Sometimes people are so ashamed of accepting these feelings that they are unable to develop a pathway to overcome these feelings and accepting the negative feelings should be the first step in the process of overcoming it. Negative emotions are not the sign of psychological disorder or any indication of inner degeneracy. These emotions are totally normal and natural signal that tell us there is something which is not right. If one understands these signals and take corrective steps then one can easily transcend the negative. Transcendence does not imply embracing or denying the negative emotion, its about overcoming it. It can be achieved by contemplation, building empathy and expressing the thoughts.
The first step is to openly experience and observe the emotion but avoid any kind of action. One should sit still and let emotions come up in one’s mind. Then one should try translating raw emotions into words; come up with detailed description of how one feels. It should be followed by writing freely whatever comes to the mind without any censorship or hasitation. Once emotions get translated into words, acceptence of those emotions is the second step because it is perfectly fine to feel hurt, angry and miserable because humans feel so.
Once accepted and understood the negative emotions, proceed to the third step of constructive expression of emotions that involves expressing the emotions in a way that makes you feel heard and light hearted but at the same time does not hurt the feelings of others. To master negative emotions one doesn’t need to fight but to provide constructive space to our feelings.

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