Panchang: A Holy Hindu Calendar

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In Hindu and Vedic Astrology, Panchang is considered as almanac or calendar. It is an astrological diary which gives all the important and useful astrological information needed by Purohits or astrologers. One can consult the finding and select a proper time for important or auspicious ceremonies like travel, education, marriage, starting a new project or business, interview or examination.


usage of panchang

Why is Panchang used?

Panchang is basically used to match the current position of planets in a person astrological chart. This Panchang helps in finding the times which lie ahead with proper calculations of astrology. In ancient times to synchronize the actions with good times, it was used to reduce the obstacles and increase the chances for success. In other words, it helps in studying the good and bad times for a person to do a certain auspicious activity and mainly tells how to avoid it. This Hindu almanac helps in the practical use of Indian Vedic astrology which after studying properly one can get to know the nature and quality of any day in advance. The time has the energy of having unique qualities which is true for comprehensive improvement.


importance of panchang

Idea behind panchang

The utility of panchang is at the bottom of an ancient belief that the law of nature which means that every action is an equal and opposite reaction. The act of harmony reflects the environment, the environment turns it into a harmonious influence us. The fruit of acting in such a manner helps in the creation of harmony, stability, and peace in our lives. Time is always considered a priceless resource and hence knowledge of panchang enables us to understand the quality and the particular moment of time and helps in being in tune with the nature of the time.


importance of panchang

Things to remember while reading Panchang

  • There are certain vital things that need to be kept in mind while reading panchang.
  • There are tithis which come in succession,
  • The missing number of tithi is always considered as kshaya or eliminated tithi and it is considered inauspicious.
  • Similarly, when a tithi repeats it becomes vriddhi, additional tithi and considered inauspicious.
  • Among the inauspicious tithis, all the 13th and 14th tithis in Krishna paksha – the waning phase of the moon
  • The New Moon days and all the 1st tithi of shuddha paksha, the waxing phase of the moon is also inauspicious
  • Of all the constellations, Pushya is considered inauspicious for weddings while Bharani, Krittikaa, Aashleshaa and Vishaakhaa are considered inauspicious for a majority of tasks.

However, there are many Vedic remedies which can save you from any side-effects of these astrological calculations. We at Askganesha can help you in providing a proper mahurat by studying the panchang in accordance to your horoscope.

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