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What is Karma?

Karma is often confused and connoted by fate or destiny. But actually the Sanskrit Meaning of Karma is ‘deed’ or action. Hence it can be refers to the action or deed that follows a cause and effect principle and have the consequences. It is believed that the karma that functions through the principles of cause and effects, action and reaction that governs our life and at the same time unite the self with the cycle of re-birth.


Basically it is the process through which action and reaction takes place on all the levels- physical, mental and spiritual. It is not an act of God, it is rather a manmade- creation. Humans have the free will, to create own destinies, so the basic motto of Karma is what you sow is what you reap. Hence we can say that karma is the action of humankind. Along with the connection of reactions in present and past life to determine and shape the future. The results of it is not necessarily immediate. But the accumulated karma will have an unexpected result in the later part of a human’s life. To win the battle it is said to have and a brilliant action with no sense or detached reaction.

Karma and Buddhism:

Even in Buddhism, Karma is not fate. The Buddhists monks believe that it is an energy that is created by deeds, actions, words and thoughts. The Buddhists believe that it is an action and not a result. The future is not the setting stone, rather is the pathway to create some new ways of enlightenment. One can change their karma and its consequences by changing their act and negating self- destructive outline.


It is believed that, if you seek to do a good deed, you along with everyone will be happy and peaceful in true sense.  What one perceives karma may not be similar for the others. In fact it has different interpretation for different people and religions, because of their conditioning. Buddhist believed that the it is inside and not outside, it is something which we can control, as it is our interpretations and thoughts that makes our Karma. Hence it can be easily said that Karma is energy that is based on our intentional thoughts and actions. It is not based on the arrangement of reward and punishment. It is rather a system that is proportionally balanced and it is on us to control it.

Mind and Karma:


Think as your mind as a garden and your karma as seeds. For a garden to bloom and grow it needs right seeds, so to condition your mind. You should plant the correct trees and sow the seeds accordingly. If going by the Buddhist definition of Karma, it is said that Karma is energy that we create every waking moment. So our thoughts and actions create Karmic Energy and these Karmic energies are felt every day. If you sow the seeds of anger, you will condition your mind with discomfort, dissatisfaction and discontentment. Hence it is said that what you sow is what you reap. Don’t dwell in the past for your Karma; neither put your karma in the house for future. It is the immediate effect and will take place almost instantly. Condition your mind with the Karmic deed, so that the best Karma has best reaction.

Relation of Karma with Meditation:


Spirituality and Meditation brings composure and calmness of mind. It detaches you from the rest of the world and frees from all sorts of negativity. It makes you free, and brings you to the position where there are no expectations and no re-birth cycle and helps to attain Moksha. Since you are meditating you become more open and empty, so nothingness will give you a chance to ponder and of something that is bringing in peace and bliss in your life as well as in the life of others. Meditation helps in starting with the innermost journey of self- realization.

Techniques to turn Bad karma to Good Karma:


Nothing is lost yet, if you have done some bad deeds or actions now is the time to turn the bad to good. Bad Karma does not mean your bad deed or action it means the area where you might not being doing as expected. You can follow the following methods and techniques to do so:

First step Identify your Karma:


It is necessary to be able to exactly pin point the area where you lag behind or you are not coming up to the mark. For example in the area of love or relationship or career. Since we are bound to a particular Karma and we get locked in unwanted circumstances. So it is necessary to give your obstacles an honest reflection. Ask the question how and where it started? The main step here is to untie yourself from karmic ties and moving forward towards your true potential.

Say no to all the negative thoughts:


You should cut all the ties with the people who are destructive and venomous, as they are the invaders of your positive field of energy. This does not mean that you should have ill – feelings for anyone who is negative, rather be polite and compassionate to them and distance yourself from their negativity.

Responsibility lies in your hand :


Since your energy is now shifting because you have started to go against your ego and decided to rectify your mistakes. You will now have a new perspective to see how the things are going and are suppose to go, so that no such similar situation arises. It does not mean that you should feel guilty or dwell in past, it only means that you in future should first think and then carry out your actions.

To err is human to forgive is divine:


The moment you forgive, is the moment of your freedom. To forgive means that you are detaching yourself from all the negativity. Since bad Karma feeds on negativity, hence it attracts such people and feelings towards you leading further to your down fall. We feel that we are unable to get out of this vicious cycle of negativity. But we often forget that it is our very own emotions that reel us in this cycle. So forgive and forget so that you are freer to follow your heart and desires

Do your best karma and feel enlighten without thinking of fruits. Doing positive things enhances your overall wellness. We at do a Sarv yoni karmic puja to enhance positivity in your life and remove all the negative aspects.

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