Physical Benefits of chanting ‘OM’


The word “Om” is composed of three syllable: “a”, “u” and “m”.

“a” means to get generated.

“u” means to get up, fly away i.e., development.

“m” means silence i.e., pantomimed.

“Om” represents genesis of the entire universe and development of the entire universe.

Pronunciation of the word “om” provides physical benefits.

Know how om is healthy and adopt the pronunciation of “om” to get healthy living:

  1. OM and thyroid

Pronunciation of “om” produces vibration in the throat that has a positive impact.

  1. OM and anxiety

There is nothing better than pronouncing “om” if you feel anxiety and nervousness.

  1. “OM” and restlessness

It prevents toxic elements of the body i.e., substances caused due to restlessness gets eliminated.

  1. “OM” and blood flow/pressure

It balances the heart and blood flow.

  1. “om” and digestion

Pronouncing “om” makes digestion power strong.

  1. “OM” brings activeness

Activeness is infused in the body.

  1. “OM and fatigue

To get rid of fatigues, this is the best remedy.

  1. “OM” and sleep

Insomnia problem gets end with this. Speaking it in mind unless you sleep at night can make you sleep.

  1. “OM” and lungs

With some special breathing exercises, lungs get strengthened

  1. “OM” and spine

Speaking first letter of om brings vibration. This affects the spine and increases the capacity.

  1. “OM” and stress

By this, body become stress free.

We hope that you will definitely give some time to the pronunciation.

The first and prime thing is disease free and healthy living.

Take care of yourself!

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