Planet Mercury (Budh) would be entering in Virgo on August 19th, 2016

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Planet Mercury (Budh) would be entering in Virgo on August 19th, 2016. This transit of planet Mercury will have different impact on different zodiac signs.

Aries Those have completed their education will find a good job. This is best time to tackle all those projects which had seemed hopeless to you. Those are in job will able to please their seniors with their work and intelligence and can expect promotion.

Taurus Your friends will be in your favour and will be ready to support you in every situation.  Honours and awards will come your way in appreciation of your performance at work place.

Gemini You would fall in love and those who are in love and waiting for acceptance can sure see things going your way.  Cooperation and team efforts will end up with success for you in all ventures. You need to design your fitness plan according to your active lifestyle.

Cancer You should take care in partnership because you may get loss due to your partner. Those involved in outdoor activities are likely to get thoroughly refreshed. You may incur some expenditure on some religious occasion at home.

Leo You will do business in manner that will give you good money and rise in your profession. Those who are in technical education will have to work-hard and definitely you will get result according to your expectation.

Virgo The time is perfectly right to mend fences and clear up old misunderstanding. An initiative on the professional front is likely to make your career soar. You may have some new planning for your business.

Libra You can take any vital decision regarding the economic matter in your business. You may incur good chunk money on the education of your Childs. The key to success for you is to prioritize.

Scorpio Your partner will be kind towards you and the transit will help you both to understand each other.  Good fortune will come your way. If you decide for a spiritual journey then you will be benefitted from this journey.

Sagittarius You may involve yourself in spiritual activities. If you are planning for a journey then you may continue with your plan. You must not involve yourself in any sort of dispute.

Capricorn Planning and prioritizing has been your strength. Maintain your calm and practice patience. Everything that you wanted in your career will come your way. . Take care of your health and find time for relaxing as well.

Aquarius You should plan carefully as your plans may go wrong. Those in love relations should be careful as this relationship go sour for you. Timely attention to your health can help you to prevent all sicknesses

Pisces Determine what your priorities are for this period and push them through with vigour and decisive action. Clearing doubt would strengthen the romantic relationship. You need to special care of your health.

Vedic Remedies For planet Mercury

Donate milk and rice to needy poor people or temple.
Become a strict vegetarian and avoid alcohol.
Help Blind people
Feed wet green grams to birds.

Go for Lord Budh (Mercury) Puja. It would be beneficial for you to get performed lord Mercury puja in this transit. Planet Mercury is considered to be associated with knowledge and wisdom. Those who are weak at studies, experience lack of concentration, have skin related health issues, problem related to nervous system etc., should certainly get Lord Mercury (Budh) puja

Planet Mercury (Budh) would be entering in Virgo on August 19th, 2016 by

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