Is plastic really ruining our Life?



When it comes to save time and suit our connivance, plastic proves to be the most beneficial. It acts are our superhero that saves time and completes the task. Further, It is perhaps the most versatile of all the elements on this earth, plastic can be turned into carrying bags, plates and packaging material for aerated drinks and food items. It is also used as the product to keep food fresh for a long time. At times it becomes an easy grab and goes options when one is getting late to reach to work or school. Since it is cheap and easily available it becomes the best friend for all, because of its durability and long life it becomes a companion for all.

Since it is able to carry loads of weight and is light weighted and less of space is consumed because of plastic. It becomes more and more viable choice for an everyday use.

A Nuisance- Plastic:


This is becoming a nuisance with each passing day, it may be versatile. It is becoming problematic, as it is clogging our drains, rivers and even covering our oceans with them. The use of plastic is polluting our natural resources so much so that the animals are dying after consuming it. And even they breathe in such an air that is degrading their life.

Plastics are bad because:


1) To make plastic we need oils:


Our natural resources like petroleum and natural gases are used to make plastic. It is said that for every 30 million plastic bags that are being manufactured in our country a whopping 12 million barrels of oil and petroleum products are required. Further, It comes with a price, our petroleum gas is becoming deficient for our consumption and since it involves burning of fossil fuels so the balance of the environment changes. The amount of carbon realized into the atmosphere while manufacturing plastics is about 100 to 500 million tons, which is way more than the carbon emitted by the vehicles we drive. This is the main reason for ozone – layer depletion.

2) Mountain of Plastics:


The uniqueness of plastic is that it is heaped like a mountain. Those plastics which cannot be recycled are actually used again and then thrown away without being treated. They cannot be used as soil for plants hence they are nothing but landfills. And since these landfills are open so they become a breeding house for pollutants and further many diseases are spread because of them. The cows that eat these landfills will not breed health child and this affects the quality of milk and dairy products.

3) Waterbody and marine animals being affected:


It is affecting the water bodies and even marine animals. The Olive Ridgley turtles one of the endangered species of turtles in India have been seen dying subsequently. Because of poaching and degraded the natural habitat of these marine animals and they have been dying in 100s of the number. Because of the pollutants, the water levels of water bodies are receding. It is leading to more disastrous than anything else. It clogs our chimney, drains and even rivers.

4) Plastic is on your plate:


If the environment was not enough, the plastic is now chocking us to death. The food products that we purchase from supermarkets are all sold in plastics that help the products to be fresh for a long time. These plastics contain chemicals, and also use of these chemicals stunts the growth. Since plastic is toxic and it disrupts hormonal balances in the body. So it becomes one of the major cause of diseases even in the most health – conscious person.

Initiatives were taken to lessen the plastic pollution:


Indian governments in different states are taking up different initiatives to remove plastic waste from India. Like for example, the Odisha government has declared Chilika Lake as the Plastic-free zone. No one can throw plastic here and there in this area. The Himachal Pradesh High Court has banned the use of plastics in the entire state. They have put penalties on anyone who sells purchases or uses plastic. On the 1st of January 2017, the Delhi government and the Delhi High Court banned the use and disposal of plastic in the region.


Although there have been many initiatives taken for stopping environmental degradation. But nothing is going to happen unless strict measures and stringent laws are passed. Nothing is going to happen, till the mass producing plastic companies are dismantled from their core. Using eco-friendly and cloth made bags is the way forward.

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