How Pooja is performed? What is homam? Why do you need a Pooja & Homam?

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Pooja Homam

“Pooja is an expression of the expanded consciousness honoring the whole creation”- Proverb

Honoring a deity with Pooja Homam is a sign of divine love and such an honoring is called Pooja. The ceremony of Pooja highlights what nature is already doing for you. The form of worships like Pooja Homam can be done in many forms. While performing a Puja one can offer everything back to the Divine. Flowers are offered in Pooja as flowers are a symbol of love. The Divine has come to love you in so many forms: mother, father, wife, husband, children, and friends. Recognizing this flowering of love from all sides we offer Pooja Homam.

Why is Pooja performed?

Puja is the act of showing respect to God, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, songs, prayers, and rituals. An essential part of puja for any devotee is making a spiritual connection with the divine. More often that contact is facilitated through an object which can be anything from an element of nature, a vessel, a painting, a sculpture or a print. It is also possible to reduce the suffering due to the bad position of planets through Pooja with sincere reliance on God, the One controlling the planets.

According to our sacred texts, Puja –

  • Disciplines the mind
  • Energizes the worshipper and deity
  • Enables one to experience oneness with divinity as we offer the self through the material offerings

Puja establishes a bridge between the worshipper and the deity. It facilitates the flow of love-energy in both ways. Such energy not only sanctifies the self but also revitalizes the body’s resources leading to holy bliss. Thus, both the worshipped and the worshipper get benefitted from Pooja.

What is Homam?

Homams are also a form of Pujas performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni which is a God of fire. The goal of all types of Homams is the prosperity of the people at large by energizing and protecting the environment. The Sun is considered as the major source of energy supply and fire is considered as a representation of the Sun’s energy. According to the ancient texts on Homam, any kind of offer to fire as a God is actually an offer to Sun. Such an offer is either to enrich energy in the environment or to destroy the undesirable elements in the environment and thus, it also keeps the environment protected. Attaching divine nature to such rituals like Homam induced people to practice them. Thus, the ancient texts proclaim that “Such Vaidika Karmams are result-oriented and leads to spiritual attainments”.

A need for Pooja and Homam

Each Pooja and Homam is performed adhering to scriptures. These are conducted by fully learned and experienced Vedic scholars. The ingredients which are required in homams and Puja are different from each other. Each Homam is performed after praying for the specific relief or benefit desired for each individual.

During the Pujas, we bring the mind from the vastness of time and space to the present. Vedic Mantras chanted during Pooja and Homam has an effect on our being. The ancient Rishis figured which sound created what impact on the brain and that is how the Mantras were created. The mantras chanted throughout the puja or Homam indicates the process of making the Sankalpa manifest. After each Homam, pundits are fed with Vedic prayers in return of their blessings. 

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How Pooja is performed? What is homam? Why do you need a Pooja & Homam? by

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