Powerful Mantras that can Change your Life

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Mantras are like medicines for the soul of humans. The selection of certain words and series when repeated a certain number of times results in the meaning seeping down the surface into our subconscious. This recitation of chants can help in shifting the patterns and habits into positive ones. The most important Mantras or chanting are written in the Sanskrit language as it is considered a perfect language which evokes a unique vibration. It places into motion the desires or wishes which we are trying to manifest in front of the Universe.

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Some Powerful Mantras 

Some of the good mantras, when chanted in the correct way, have the power to change your life. Some of the most powerful mantras of all times are:


ganesha mantra

Ganesha Mantra– This mantra is to please Lord Ganesha and it removes all the obstacles from your path. Chanting this Mantra for a period of time can help in tackling the seen and unseen obstacles which are standing on your way. This mantra is invaluable for the people whose success is blocked by unseen obstacles.


lakshmi mantra

Lakshmi Mantra– These chants are for pleasing Goddess Lakshmi and often recited as Laksmi-Ganesh Mantra who is considered to be the provider of wealth and prosperity. The feminine energy of this mantra can bestow the chanter with wealth and prosperity. It attracts prosperity and draw in influential friends in business and otherwise. It also helps the chanter to clear the family quarrels and soothing health issues in their life.


durga mantra

Durga Mantra– These chants are to invoke the feminine energy of Maa Durga. Her blessings help in protecting all the negative influences of life. The fierce image of Maa Durga mantra shows the religious and a sincere seeker can seek the truth. Her sight can produce a variety of different forms which are equally beautiful.


saraswati mantra

Saraswati Mantra– This mantra is also for invoking the feminine energy of Goddess Saraswati. This mantra is very useful for students to achieve scholastic endeavor and artistic. Maa Saraswati holds all the knowledge of the world and the spiritual thoughts of the Universe. This Mantra should be chanted by students planning on higher education or people seeking a better career.


shiva mantra

Shiva Mantra– This mantra emphasizes the power of Lord Shiva and the chanting have no approximate translation. The sound of the mantra is governed by the six chakras of the spine which is air, water, earth, fire, and soul. Lord Shiva mantra is good for individuals seeking spiritual attainments or the devotees on the path of Siddha Yoga. You can also chant this mantra for development in any sphere of your life.


rama mantra

Rama Mantra– This mantra symbolizes Lord Rama who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This mantra signifies the life beyond rebirth, in a way it is a powerful yantra for reducing negative effects of Karma which may pass on to your next life or the life that you are already living. It can also have a powerful spiritual healing experience in the life of chanter.


gayatri mantra

Gayatri Mantra– This Mantra is a uniquely powerful combination of both a Mantra and a prayer. Chanting Gayatri Mantra can give you an intrinsic power which is known as Mantra-Shakti. This Shakti has a positive influence, not due to the words in the chants but its utterance alone is enough to give power. Repeating and chanting this mantra in a correct way can provide the greatest good to the individual.


power of chanting mantra

Chanting Mantra alone can’t help you but you need to have complete faith while reciting them. The main factor which plays a significant role while chanting is the pure desire to achieve that goal. The chanter should have a sound body and mind in order to bring out the true manifestation of the Mantra chanting. If you are free from the worries of mind and body, you can get the highest benefit from the recitation of the Mantras.

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