Pros of controlled breathing


When overly stressed and panicked, you must have heard people tell you to just breathe. While they mean that you should relax and not panic so much, the literality of ‘just breathing’ actually lessens the stress that you face.

Very few people know that controlled breathing is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it clam and relax us, it also lowers blood pressure. There are various kinds of breathing and one must understand the difference between them in order to control their breathing. For example, high breathing is what occurs when you are angry or stressed. In this form of breathing, you use the upper chest and lungs. As this form of breathing is fast and shallow, the oxygen ultimately does not reach lower lungs, thereby making it the worst form of breathing. On the other hand, lower breathing is the best form of breathing as it uses the lower abdomen and diaphragm to pull air in and out of lungs. Middle breathing is neither as bad as high breathing nor as good as low breathing, but is somewhere in between.

Controlled and deep breathing has various advantages like detoxification of the body, relieving pain, improvement of the central nervous system and the likes, which is why it is extremely important too practice controlled breathing.

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